Kannastor Logo LRWe all know that Kannastor has always been at the forefront of innovations in the Grinder category.  Having always conveyed a sensible and utilitarian aesthetic, KANNASTOR is behind a series of widely adopted innovations, including the jar style, clear top and replaceable screen.  Most recently they’ve updated their C clamp with a new patent pending Easy Change Twist screen.  The screens can now be easily removed or inserted with little effort and no tool required.


Just when it looked like Kannastor was making a top-level grinder, Kannastor has one upped themselves and the competition further with the release of  their latest and arguably greatest grinder to date, the GR8TR.  The GR8TR’s seemingly effortless grinding action comes courtesy of an all new press and micro-teeth design. The grinding action from the first twist feels free floating and avoids the awkwardness of placing a nug on top what seems like of a bed of nails in a traditional grinder – this is simply dropping your unground herb into a small cup-like chamber which feels right.  When it comes time to do the job, the GR8TR shredds a fluffy nug in short order and with much less effort required than any grinder I’ve ever used.

Kannastor has added another innovation they describe as “Low-Friction Rings,” located on the sidewalls of the press and which function to maintain a free floating feel even after hundreds of uses so it turns as smooth as when you first bought it.  Cleaning is not generally required.


The action doesn’t stop there though! The Patent Pending GR8TR Grinder is the first grinder to introduce an interchangeable grinding plate, which allows users the option to grind for Vape or Pipe style finished blends, a first for any grinder!  Jam packed with additional storage for both unground and ground blends; the GR8TR even has storage for the extra Grinder Plate when not in use.  A must have for anyone who vapes or or just wants to have the best, most versatile grinder available today.  Kannastor backs all this up with a limited lifetime warranty.