Los Angeles, CA – E-Generation is a US manufacturer of e-liquid for electronic cigarettes.  Currently producing over a 100+ flavors ranging from fruity to creamy desserts all the way to tobaccos and menthols, E-Generation’s primary goal is supplying the best quality liquid in the market.

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99% of raw goods is US sourced and are the best available in the market.  The only non-US ingredient is a pure Tobacco Absolute obtained from a European Nation.

  • USA USP Kosher certified Vegetable Glycerin
  • USA USP Propylene Glycol
  • USA USP PG and VG Nicotine
  • All flavorings used are food grade which are commonly used in pastries, ice cream, candy, chewing gum, etc.

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Black Label is one of E-Generation’s most successful lines of e-liquid.  The flavors go through a meticulous process known as steeping.  Simply put, steeping is the aging of the liquid for a more concentrated formula.  This provides the enhancement in flavor and vape quality.  To achieve the final product of Black Label, the process requires an average of four weeks.

King’s Barrel is the most refined and top selling brand. Unlike Black Label, King’s Barrel goes through an 8 week steeping process.  Because each of the flavors has been formulated with at least eight different ingredients, King’s Barrel offers a truly unique experience.  These complex combinations of flavors create an urge to vape continuously while second-guessing the taste of each flavor.  Not only does the steeping process enhance the final product, but it also delivers the consistency one yearns for.

E-Generation provides an additional 12 different lines each with their own unique case to display the full range of flavors which accommodate to every customer’s palate.

For more information, please contact [email protected] or visit us at www.egenusa.com.

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