The Conversion Stone Is Named “Top 2015 Product”

Rio Rancho, New Mexico (December 21, 2015) – OU Vape 2, LLC hits a home run with the new lifestyle brand, the Conversion Stone. Tommy Chong’s former publicist and owner of OU Vape 2, Brandie Knight, invents a high-quality glass filtration product for a healthier way to smoke and vaporize with an inexpensive price tag. In July 2015, the Conversion Stone product line was introduced in Las Vegas at the Champs Trade Show where it was named the “Most Innovative Product.” The Conversion Stone was picked up by U.S. and Canada distributors, who started shipping the product to stores in late November. In December 2015, HQ Trade Magazine named the Conversion Stone the “Top 2015 Product.”

The Conversion Stone replaces the need for nails (titanium, ceramic and glass), carb caps, rollyour- own filters, pipe screens, vaporizer devices and concentrate dabbing devices. It turns combustible vape pens into true vaporizers with noncombustible heat and protects the heating coils to last longer. Inventor Brandie Knight explains, “The Conversion Stone has simplified the Cannabis industry with a simple, yet, healthy scientific design that produces big results. It’s a game changer.”

The Conversion Stone is a reusable, high-quality glass filtration with various methods of use. This
new innovative product converts any smoking device with a bowl (handheld pipes, bubblers, chillums, waterpipes, wooden monkey pipe, etc.) into vaporizers or for concentrate dabbing and eliminates the need for expensive accessories. The Conversion Stone is used for rolling-your-own jays and blunts to control the heat, filter and control the release of smoke, which results in a smoother hit.

The Conversion Stone is built to last, thermal shock resistant and self-cleaning. The filtration reduces toxins related to using butane lighters and filters particles and impurities related to smoke, which results in a healthier smoking environment, a smoother hit and retains the full flavor taste. The contents will not be orally sampled or wasted. The conservation allows for low heat (single torch lighter or a traditional lighter), fast to heat, saves butane and retains heat.

With the various uses of the Conversion Stone, OU Vape 2 is working with well-known brands to implement the Conversion Stone into new product designs. Patent Pending. The Conversion Stone is a trademark of OU Vape 2, LLC. For more information visit: