e-liquid maker launches massive “Lightning in a Bottle” billboard  campaign that ran through New Years

(Phoenix, Ariz.)- What better way could there be to launch a product nationally than to put it in front of millions of people on five gigantic billboards in the iconic Times Square? A Phoenix-based company, Torden Brands, known for their sophisticated e-liquid vaporizer juice, has joined the list of major brands CBS Television, Miller Coors, VH1 and HSBC Bank, also featured during the same time period on the same billboard space. These digital billboards are some of the largest billboards in the world and are so massive that they’ve been given special nicknames, “The Twins,” “The Edge,” “The Bird” and “The Cube.” Torden’s animation displayed on the boards will feature lightning striking followed by vapor “smoke” rising from the intense impact, which clears away to reveal the vape product company’s logo.

With the campaign running from December 18th through January 1st, Torden will be the first e-liquid brand to advertise this prominently in Times Square.  “The Twins” billboards are on Broadway & 44th and 45th and are each 48’ x 48’. “The Edge” has two sides at a right angle from each other with animation on each side, is 17’ x 77’ combined at the corner of Broadway & W. 45th. “The Bird,” which could be the most attention grabbing features a 46’ x 62’ rectangular section and a towering 97’ x 25’ stovepipe shaped section from which the Torden lightning strike will come. “The Bird” is at 7th Ave and 48th. Finally, “The Cube” at 42nd and 8th Ave. is 45’ x 90’ with 4 animated sides. The Torden ads will display on each board for 15 seconds out of every 2 minutes, giving them plenty of exposure. On New Year’s Eve alone, these digital ads will guarantee exposure to 2 million people, with an additional 1 billion people that tune in to watch the ball drop on TV.

New York has proven to be a challenging market for vaping products thus far. The City has even recently banned vaping in areas that cigarettes are banned. Torden is hoping to change that with their focus on sophistication.

The company was looking to make a bold statement, even in the face of tough restrictions for use of their product and advertising. “We are looking to make maximum impact for our brand and we saw this as a once in a lifetime opportunity. With all the restrictions in place to advertise vape products, being able to put our name on five billboards in Times Square during the busiest time of the year is a huge win,” Tim Lanier, Sales Manager for Torden Brands.

Torden e-liquids are available to purchase online and are sold in select stores in locations such as Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Orlando. The billboards in Times Square will be the first exposure that the high-end brand has to the New York market, but the company has plans to target distributors of vape products in the New York-New Jersey area in 2018.


For more information, visit www.tordenbrands.com