Draper, UT—Tronic Vape, a Utah-based e-liquid manufacturing company, is pleased to announce its recent merger with Cash Vape in its effort to provide the best Superior e-liquid on the market. Company founder and CEO—and SFATA Utah Chapter President—Nathan Coccimiglio, expressed his enthusiasm when asked about the merger, saying, “Our mission statement has always been to continue helping people quit smoking with the highest quality products in the industry, and we will be better equipped to accomplish this objective with our exciting transition into Cash Vape”.

The company name coincides with the launch of Cash Vape’s Cash Line e-Liquids last summer at ECC when it also unveiled its mobile tasting booth in the form of an armored truck. The six flavor lineup features dollar bill denominations whose namesake is reflected by the flavor names, including Washington’s Foster, Lincoln’s Licorice, Hamilton’s Soda, Jackson’s Parfait, Grant’s Cereal, and Franklin’s Mai Tai. Cash Vape developed these flavors with the intent of offering the most diverse line available today, which is why all of the main, most in-demand flavor profiles are featured.

Cash Vape is actively making so-called premium e-liquids a thing of the past, as obsolete as the CE4 startup tank, with its trademark Superior e-liquid. What is the difference between premium and Superior e-liquid, you may be asking? Well, the key is, unlike many premium brands, a Superior brand is able to validate why it is superior to other e-liquids in the form of toxicology reports, liability insurance, and integrity in product labeling. Shilo Platts, Vice President of Sales and SFATA Utah Chapter Press Secretary, is quick to specify why Superior is indeed better, “Cash Vape is diligently setting the industry standard in not only our business model, but also our entire approach in being able to back up what we offer our customers with legitimacy and transparency”, said Platts when asked for a statement.

While the name, Tronic, has been replaced, the trademark company logo will remain proudly emblazoned on most Cash Vape products. Cash Vape invests much of its ample resources into maintaining a strong presence at industry trade shows. Once you see the armored truck—with its interior transformed into a tasting booth in a classy limousine setting—you will know Cash Vape has rolled into town. For more information on company products, innovation, and how to sample its e-liquid lines, visit Cash Vape online at www.cashvape.com, check them out on Facebook, or follow them on Instagram.