Los Angeles, CA– Ohm Nation recently announced and released their newest RDA this summer, the Turbo V3, the latest edition to the ever growing popular product line collaboration between Tobeco and Ultra Hybrid Inc. Following its predecessors the extremely popular, cloud chasing, turbine boasting Turbo v1 which released early this year and gained its popularity as the first RDA using a turbine to assist in vapor density and massive vapor production as well as an Om symbol airflow inlet that became recognizable throughout the industry, with the redesigned and improved Turbo v2 releasing shortly following. The newest Turbo RDA includes a multitude of new features and redesign, these features include a new split center post and exceptionally deep juice well, new airflow design and improvements as well as an entirely redesigned top cap with a new micro fan and flip open top cap for an effortless dripping experience. The US designed Turbo V3 was created with high quality and low cost in mind to be available and affordable to benefit businesses and consumers alike. You will be able to acquire one of these increasingly popular RDAs at your local vapor lounge across the U.S.  Along with the abundance of new features, the new Turbo V3 will come in high quality gloss finishes including Black, White, Steel, Lime Green and Tiffany Blue that are sure to always look stylish on your mechanical or VW/VV mod.


Features include:

  • 3 Post design with a split positive post
  • Large post holes for large gauge wire
  • Deep juice well
  • Silver plated copper contact positive pin
  • Peek Material Insulator
  • Negative posts milled from the build deck for rigidity
  • Adjustable Cyclops airflow inlet for adjustability
  • Flip open top cap for effortless dripping experience
  • Reduced Turbine size
  • Turbine is housed within top cap
  • Removable Turbine


About Ultra Hybrid Inc.

Ultra Hybrid Inc. specializes in retail and distribution sales of the leading electronic cigarette hardware on the market. As a parent company of Ohm Nation, Ultra Hybrid Inc. is involved with the creation of some of the most innovative and popular products in the industry as the “Ohm Nation USA” brand.