Vape Organics, the first USDA-certified organic e-liquid line, has recently released a new flavor celebrating the tastes of summer. Solstice features the perfect union of sweet, juicy watermelon and refreshing, cooling cucumber on the inhale… with tangy, activating pineapple adding an exclamation point to the exhale. The essence of summer captured in a bottle, this blend of invigorating seasonal flavors will help you stay cool no matter the temperature. Already making rounds on social media, reviewers call it the perfect all day vape for summer. Solstice is perfect for veteran vapers looking for a unique flavor in the sea of homogeny or anyone looking for a truly clean e-juice option.


DSC_0120As with all e-liquids from Vape Organics, Solstice is 100% VG (and 100% free of PG), contains no chemical additives or artificial sweeteners, and is crafted with real, plant-based extracts rather than any artificial flavorings. Vape Organics’ proprietary nicotine is sourced from USDA organic tobacco grown in the USA and extracted in-house, making it the first and only organic nicotine in the world.


Never tried organic? Here’s a review from Ryan H. in Canada that gives an idea of what to expect:


“WOW! We cracked a bottle of Melon + Tea tonight and frankly we are



Great smooth, authentic flavour, not too sweet, and wow it vapes so

clean (it also seems to need less heat, almost 10W less than other

juices on the same build/atty). We have never seen coils and cotton stay

so clean. It makes you wonder what the hell is in other juice.”


Vape Organics is a wholesale-only manufacturer of premium e-liquid. To request a sample of Solstice, or for wholesale inquiries, please contact [email protected]. To purchase, please visit and check the “shop” page for a list of our retail partners near you or online!