“Certified Organic E-Juice Should be Available to Everyone”

Riverside, CA – Vape Organics, which offers the first certified organic e-liquid line, has implemented a new pricing structure to benefit stores and consumers alike. Due to a continuously increasing demand for higher production volume, the company has been able to cut manufacturing costs and expresses excitement in passing these savings on to the vape community.

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“Our goal has always been to offer our community the purest products available, and we have deepened our commitment to this goal along the way with developments such as certified organic nicotine. With this price reduction, we are able to make our products available to more vapers—another way to deepen our overall mission,” explained Eko Handoko, founder of Vape Organics.

Data indicates there are over 100,000 online searches for organic e-liquid every year; this number is constantly increasing together with the vape community’s standards surrounding e-liquid ingredients and production processes. While the demand is clearly there, the price points of organic e-liquid are limiting for many.

The wholesale price has dropped nearly 20 percent, and the new MSRP of $11.99 (down from $14.99) will likewise offer consumers a 20 percent discount. “Vape Organics’ retailers which have implemented the new pricing have already testified to significantly increased sales, further cementing the notion that the price, not a lack of interest in organic products, has been a barrier for many vapers,” said Sheerlie Ryngler, Director of Operations at Vape Organics.

“We believe that every vaper should have the choice to vape the highest quality products. Most people in the vape community are ex-smokers who have made a conscious choice to switch to vaping due to health concerns. However, until now the most premium e-juices came with premium price tags,” said Handoko.

Wholesale inquiries: [email protected]. Mention Smoke & Vape Business Solutions for 10 percent off your first order.