Cloud-based apps and Internet-of-Things technology is making its way into the vaping industry thanks to Vapeix.

Southlake, TX –  An R&D company and solutions provider for the vaping industry, Vapeix builds tools for everyone – from manufacturers, to distributors, brands, and end-users. As the world’s first IoT cloud-connected, smart vaporizer platform, Vapeix continually develops new and exciting features to make vapor products better. By partnering with brands and developers, and inviting vape enthusiasts into their full fledged social community, Vapeix is creating the connectivity ecosystem of the vape world.

The key to this broad reach is open-source and Arduino compatible technology. For the first time, everyone can now take part in the evolution of vaporizer technology by working together on the Vapeix Powered, open-source hardware projects. This allows everyone to better understand how the products work and how to improve a product from the inside out.

Vapeix moves far beyond the features that those in the industry have come to expect from today’s vaporizer devices. Vapeix UpLink, the mobile utility app companion to all Vapeix Powered vaporizers and devices, provides unprecedented connectivity from your device to your smartphone via the latest Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC technology.

The app creates a cohesive vapor experience between unlimited brands of vaporizers, as UpLink supports connecting multiple Vapeix Powered devices to a single app. With Vapeix UpLink and the power of the Cloud, the Vapeix ecosystem allows for unique customization options, remote diagnostics, stats and metrics, synchronizing settings, even automatic refill programs with brand distributors & more. The company also envisions the application of the Vapeix Powered hardware and cloud-connected technology within the medical industry.

Vapeix currently has functioning prototypes of their IoT-worthy tech. What they’re focused on right now is gathering together vape enthusiasts, newcomers, and brands on their Vapeix Social platform. This is a comprehensive social community, accessible via desktops, tablets, and smartphones, ideal for connecting with people in the vaping industry. The company built the platform as a place to meet new people, create and share events, connect with brands, and offer support to others while helping them to achieve their goals in switching to the use of vaping as a an alternative to smoking.

“We are excited about the open-source hardware. We believe it’s an extremely valuable tool that will illustrate to the world, the previously over-looked potential of what vaporizers can accomplish.” Said Kyle Newton, founder of Vapeix, LLC.

Formerly the CEO of an electronic cigarette manufacturer and distribution company, Newton decided to create a platform that would help every tobacco-alternative brand succeed rather than creating just one consumer facing product.

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