VaporFi is pleased to announce their all new, ultra-premium Grand Reserve line of e-liquids. Featuring chef inspired recipes specifically crafted to work in all devices at any temperature , a 30PG/70VG blend, 30ml glass bottles with drippers, and some of the tightest production controls in the industry, this line is set to raise the bar for high end e-liquid. Available through the VaporFi website, any of its retail shops, and to select wholesale buyers and distributors, the Grand Reserve line is ready to exceed the expectations of even the most discerning of vapers.

The launch flavors include 6 vibrant recipes:

  • Cloud Candy – Juicy gummy bears floating on a cotton candy bed floating down a river of sunshine
  • Catch Ya Latte – The finest, richest latte you’ll ever sip with dashes of hazelnut and caramel
  • Meringue O Tang – A freshly baked lemony glazed doughnut sure to be a sweet surprise
  • Rainbow Custard – When you toss fresh raspberries and tangerines on top of a layer of Crème Anglaise you’re really vaping the rainbow
  • Island Frost – This menagerie of coconut, pineapple, and champagne infused blueberries all topped off with a mint and lime garnish feels like a brisk tropical breeze
  • Pineapple Pow – Picnic ready pineapple is steeped in fresh melon and hibiscus to create an intense experience which will elevate your vape to new heights of passion

VaporFi CEO, Nick Molina, says of the line, “After the unbelievable success we’ve seen with our original Reserve Collection, especially from fan favorites like Moroccan Gold and Northern Lights, we knew we had tapped in to something special. Ask anyone who was lucky enough to sample it at ECC, this juice is a game changer for VaporFi.”

The Grand Reserve line will launch in the fall of 2015.