IAVS-GreySetting up what they term as the “International Association of Vape Sellers”, Vaporizer USA is reaching out to the shops and salesmen who sell vaporizers, providing free information on anything and everything regarding these products. With the many price points, model options, and   range of accessories available, vaporizers have moved from being seen as a luxury item, or a fad, into an essential healthy alternative. From the most simple to the sheer marvels of engineering, all are scientific wonders to some extent. To explain how to use, even the basic models, requires something of an education on the part of both owners and salespeople. By having these vendors join the “International Association of Vape Sellers”, Vaporizer USA aims to provide that instruction, and at zero cost.

How Vaporizer USA will do this is through twice a month Webinars that will stream through Skype, Gotomeeting, and Google+ Hangouts. They will build up a presence on Facebook and impartial marketing and informational material will be provided to the stores. There will be an optional on site product exhibition every six months, and even an annual gathering is planned. The basic idea to get across is that vaporizers are a rapidly growing part of their industry and that every smoke shop attendant can become a vape sales expert.

How is Vaporizer USA qualified to provide such a service, and why would they do it for free? They are now one of the largest vaporizer distributors in the USA, with more than half a decade worth of industry experience. In this new world of multiple quality vaporizers, that is a major feat. They distribute all of the major three types of vaporizers (portables, pens, and desktops), e-cigarettes, mods, and vape accessories of all kinds. Their sales have grown exponentially every single year they have been in business because they have the expertise in sales, and in engineering needed to thrive in this growing, competitive market.

Vaporizer USA is setting up and running the IAVS for free for multiple reasons. Having themselves tapped into the full potential of the vaporizer industry, they want to support its growth. They have the formula for success, and want to share their unbiased opinions, outside feedback, encouragement, and provide these shops inspiration to advance with them.  Vaporizer USA sees the Webinars as place where they can get interactive with the shop owners and salesmen who sign up. They actively encourage questions to be left for them, and gladly take suggestions for future Webinar subjects.

Some subjects already scheduled to be covered include, basic use, common types and the features and benefits of each, neutral opinions of different vape and e-cig brands, the evolution of the industry, the latest trends and technology, and finally consumer demand. Their recommendations are all based on experience, and will give shop owners and salesmen the ability to stock and sell any model with confidence. In understanding a new part of your trade and selling vaporizers to your target market, we can all grow together in supporting the future of a truly fascinating industry.

To Sign Up, Visit: http://vaporizer-store.vaporizerusa.net