Salt Lake City, UT—Current Vapor—along with VAPE Magazine, Cash Vape, and Smoking Vapor—is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the 2016 Global Legends of Soccer Event in Las Vegas, Nevada this February. This sold out event at Sam Boyd Stadium will afford our industry an opportunity to leave a favorable impression on the general public regarding what we are really all about, which is to help people quit smoking. Global Legends of Soccer will feature some of soccer’s most storied and successful retired players from around the world, and its draw is significant enough to be covered by ESPN. Soccer fans will have access to a wide range of activities over the span of several days from the vape exhibit to concert appearance from bands like Life is Beautiful and Rudimental.

Nathan Coccimiglio, CEO and President of Cash Vape and SFATA Utah Chapter President, has said, “I’m excited to have an opportunity to educate the public on our true mission statement of tobacco harm reduction. That’s why we are in business, and it’s important for the average consumer to know that”.  In fact, Coccimiglio is offering free product to smokers who attend the event if they are willing to swap their pack of cigarettes for a bottle of e-liquid and a vaporizer. Advocacy will also have a presence at the Global Legends event with groups like SFATA hosting informative conferences on the upcoming legislative climate. Shilo Platts, Utah SFATA Chapter Press Secretary, is intent on emphasizing the new industry direction, “Given that the Global Legends game marks the first time vaping has been affiliated with a mainstream sporting event, this is our chance to show the public that our industry is as mainstream as Budweiser Caesar’s Entertainment, Range Rover, and Adidas —we are not to be feared our misunderstood”, says Platts who is a firm believer in proactive advocacy.

Free product giveaways by event sponsors are intended to show soccer fans the benefits of vaping when they throw the cigarettes in the garbage can. With world class athletes throwing their support behind our industry’s efforts, it only bolsters our agenda for changing lives. We invite everyone to join us in Las Vegas for an entire weekend of fun, music, sports, and a game-changing opportunity for the future of vaping.