Phoenix, Arizona – Vaportech USA., a nationwide manufacturer of electronic vaporizer products and ultra premium e-liquids, announced the debut of their new customizable wax vaporizer pen, VAPORTECH DABSTER™ and VAPORTECH DABSTER™ COIL kits— an affordable and user-friendly dabbing pen tailored by four different coil/ chamber attachments designed to enhance even the most particular user’s experience.

“We all have a specific preference or need when using a dab pen; our Dabster™ Coil kits offer everyone a diversified dabbing experience without having to break the bank,” said Hasmet Girgin, Vaportech Co-Owner and Co-CEO. “Since the chambers fit any 510 thread battery, Vaportech Dabster Coil users can have fun designing and customizing their vaporizers according to their needs… Everybody wins.

“VAPORTECH DABSTER™ kit features both visual and discrete chambers in sleek and sophisticated black or chrome colors. The chambers pack a slow-burning, single ceramic, titanium wrapped coil. The kit also includes a 650mah battery, a stainless steel dab tool, a USB charger and a silicone storage jar.

The VAPORTECH DABSTER Coil/Chamber kits come as four different chamber replacement options —Disc, Quartz, Ceramic and Dual Ceramic Coils — designed not only to delivers fat clouds, but to get the best use out of your Crumble, Wax, Shatter, Sap, Honeycomb, or any other concentrates! These kits include both discrete and visual heating chambers as well as a stainless steel dab tool.

“Dabbers will have plenty of fun with Vaportech Dabster™,” said Mr. Girgin. “What’s great about this product is, it’s not just for skilled and master dabbers, but it’s also great for anyone who just started dabbing and wants to experience the use of different coils for different concentrates.

“Vaportech USA., founded in 2012 and headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, provides many products and services in the electronic vaporizer and e-liquid sector. Their Vaportech Ultra Premium E-Liquid first revolutionized the e-liquid industry by acquiring a proven and tested 99.7% nicotine purity in all of its e-liquid products. The division also produces top-of-the-line yet affordable electronic vaporizer devices such as Vaportech Baker™ and Vaportech Slim™ Pens among many others.

“With Vaportech Dabster™ and Vaportech Dabster™ Coil/Chamber kits you definitely get more than what you pay for and your never-ending trips to Dab-City will prove it!” Added Co-Owner and Co-CEO Ataman Bilgin.

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