Wild Spirit is a tobacco free, nicotine free product that can be used for multiple purposes.  It can be a substitute for traditional pipe smokers, hookah users and many others who prefer a NON-tobacco experience.


Wild Spirit is made from herbal and floral elements from around the world such as Lotus and Chamomile plant, tea leaves, tomato leaves and other natural casings. These ingredients are processed through a special technology used just for the production of Wild Spirit which creates a tobacco taste with a pleasant smell.

Wild Spirit is nicotine free making it non addictive and attractive to people looking for natural alternatives and substitutes for the well known health hazardous products people everywhere have become addicted to.


Some of the ingredients that are in Wild Spirit have been proven to benefit the body. Chamomile is used to relax physically and mentally. Lotus has been shown to calm the body, as well as serve as a natural anti-anxiety remedy and stress reliever.

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