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Proven Quality and Loyal Customers Are a Solid Bet For Your Business—

  • Pharmaceutical (Highest Purity) Grade (PG/VG/Nicotine)
  • No Synthetics, No Overseas Sources
  • Natural Flavor Extracts (FDA GRAS)
  • Validated Formulas Engineered By Scientists
  • Endorsed by celebrities! Stop by to learn more or visit:
  • Over a third of our retail customers come from referrals and another third are repeat customers
  • No ash and no tar, just clean, smooth taste from natural extracts produced in an ISO Certified laboratory/manufacturing facility

So how do you get started? Unmatched Marketing, Product Training, and Customer Service Assistance Make Doing Business With Us a Snap—

  • Dedicated representatives for each wholesale customer
  • Large-Scale production capability (over 100K/month) ensures fresh product will always be available to you (7-10 day delivery depending on volume)
  • Staff product training
  • Executive level business coaching
  • Multi-channel marketing resources, including web design, branding and vapor approved credit card processing resources

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