The following new and innovative products can help your smoke, head or vapor shop attract new customers and grow your business.

Fryd Cream Cake

MSRP $19.99

Indulge in the light and creamy taste of America’s most beloved and famous treat.
Immerse yourself in your favorite memories with each inhale and exhale to the
possibilities of creating thousands more.

It’s not just a Vape. It’s a dirt road drive listening to your favorite song.
It’s your favorite teams winning the super bowl and World Series in the
same year. It’s your first kiss on top of the Ferris Wheel with the sweet smell of fried
desserts in the air at your local carnival.

It’s the original Fried Cream Cake; or, as we like to call it, a taste of the American Dream.

[email protected] | (818) 284-1311


Eden’s Ethnos Kratom

MSRP | $20.00-$80.00

Eden’s Ethnos is committed to producing a range of Kratom that exceeds our
customer’s expectations. We do this by making it our mission to produce natures
highest quality botanical Kratom capsules. Our process is simple, we use only fresh
Kratom leaves to produce our kratom powder; no additives,
no preservatives, nothing artificial, just Kratom.

We are always eager to provide the greatest customer service experience.
Our knowledgeable staff strives for exceptional customer satisfaction.

To sum up Eden’s Ethnos Kratom is: simple, finest and freshest. | (888) 743-7225 | [email protected]


120ml Bottles of Big Heart Flavors

MSRP | $39.99

120ml Bottles of Big Heart Flavors in
50/50 or 80/20 or 70/30 Blends
a variety of strength options

Carrying the torch for the bigger is better movement, HotVapes 120ml
line-up has been selling like gangbusters. These 120s come with a 30ml
unicorn bottle or a 9ml transfer pipette for your
customers’ convenience — your choice.

Step up the game!

775-Hot-Vape | (775) 468-8273 |


3×5 RYOT® Solid Top Sifter Box

MSRP | $18.00

RYOT® Boxes are constructed of quality wood with each layer firmly
attached magnetically. Their monofilament screen and ultra smooth base tray
make them the perfect option for collecting botanical concentrates
no matter what your blend of choice may be!

• Attractive wood construction

• Monofilament screen for greater
longevity and higher quality sifting

• Magnetically secured closures

• Includes a RYOT® Box Scrape Card | [email protected]  | (512) 216-6281