Organabus Pet Hemp Oil


Organabus hemp pet oil is made with organic
CBD that has been known to provide relief
for joint & muscle pain, calm anxiety & nausea
and relax seizure and cancer symptoms.

The hemp oil is blended with natural salmon oil
with Omega-3 fatty acids which is thought
to help reduce the risk of heart disease and
also to promote healthy skin and MCT oil for
brain energy metabolism.

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Paradym  Ecigs

Paradym Ecigs Disposable MRSP $6.99
Paradym Ecigs 5 Cartridge Pack MRSP $12.99

We took an old technology and made it better!

The World’s first Ecig capable of handling max VG
Due to our patented reservoir filtration process, our 280 Mah battery and our amazing flavors we are able revolutionize the disposable Ecig experience!

Paradym Ecigs Starter Kit MRSP $12.99

One 280 Mah Baterry
Two Cartridges
1 USB Charger

“Best in Class Vapor Production”

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Harvest by Serrano Vape


Pumpkin Latte a limited seasonal flavor.

If you are a pumpkin pie/latte lover then
this is the blend for you! With a rich sweet pumpkin spice blend of cinnamon, nutmeg,
and allspice with a dollop of whipped
cream that will leave you feeling like
you are enjoying your vape experience
at the best Coffee House in town on a
crisp fall morning!

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Pink Sunburst

$19.99 + Free Shipping USA

Introducing from White Label Juice Co.

Pink Sunburst

This premium e-liquid tastes just like the
delicious strawberry flavored, square-shaped fruit chews. No sweeteners added, this flavor will keep you satisfied all day without ruining your coils.

With over forty flavors to choose from, available in both 100ml and 30ml bottles, White Label
Juice Co. has tons of delicious options for you.

Available in 100ml or 30ml bottles
0mg / 3mg / 6mg

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