Are you missing out on potential customers? It is undoubtedly difficult to gain traction with new customers while also maintaining your existing clients. With so many differing people constituting the large vaping population, it seems to be quite a challenge appealing to the numerous individualized needs of your customer base. However, when you begin to study the preferences of the masses it is possible to find patterns in the purchases of your buyers. These specificities can help you begin organizing your customer base into identifiable groups. In understanding the general needs of these distinct types of buyers, it will be far easier to adjust your stock to satisfy a larger variety of consumers.

The main factors inhibiting a greater flow of customers are easily resolved by simply being aware of the types of customers coming to your store. Recognizing the patterns of different kinds of consumers will allow you to effectively sell them the right nicotine level, hardware, and bottle size to best fit their requirements.

By identifying the categories of consumers, you will be able to competitively cater to a wide variety of preferences. Taking the time to understand the various needs of buyers will focus your output and put you ahead of other smoke and vape shops. Conscious convenience on behalf of your customers is the key to a larger buyer base. Not knowing your consumers only benefits competing vape and smoke shops as unsatisfied customers will search elsewhere for the right equipment and juice.

These are two main customer types coming into your shops.

Smoker to Vapor

These are customers looking to quit smoking and instead switch to a safer, healthier option. However, many of these buyers go back to smoking and you lose their business. Why is this, and how do you increase retention of this type of consumer?

The reason for the return to tobacco products is dissatisfaction. Vaping in itself is distinctly different from smoking, lacking the same throat hit and nicotine content provided by cigarettes. Those looking to quit smoking will not find satisfaction in 3-6 mg nicotine bottles, as the concentration is not strong enough. An easy solution to this issue is to readily stock juice with higher nicotine content such as 12 mg-24 mg in a 50/50 blend. This mindfulness of your customer’s intent and background will encourage return visits to your shop where they would have otherwise returned to smoking or ventured to other shops that do provide the necessary nicotine level.

Coupled with carrying the wrong nicotine levels, shops also lose this type of customer with inconvenient, bulky hardware. These buyers often turn away from the big box style mods as they are cumbersome and heavy; instead preferring a small, easy to use vape pen that mimics the simplicity of cigar products. Long battery lives are preferable for these customers as having to recharge throughout the day becomes an inconvenience. Easy use and simplicity will appeal greatly to this type of buyer. Knowing this will allow you to fit your customer with a more comfortable setup that provides an easier shift to vaping. By doing your part to actively ease the process out of smoking, you’ll find yourself with a new, frequent vape customer.

Additionally, it is important to factor cost into the products you sell to newly quit smokers. Purchasing large quantities of low nicotine juice to get the appropriate amount of nicotine to satisfy them is far too costly. This portion of your customer base will prefer smaller bottles of high nicotine juice as they are less expensive. Setting your client up with the right bottle size will not only satisfy your buyer, but also provide you with a returning customer as the smaller bottles of juice will run out faster and require more frequent trips to your store. This promotes a routine habit of returning to your shop for their future purchases.

Cloud/Flavor Chaser

Another large segment of your vape consumers fall into this category. These are customers who are looking for vape that produces large clouds. Often this sector of clients is already fairly knowledgeable about vaping.

For these buyers, the right juice blend is vital. Since their main goal is to create a large amount of cloud, a mixture with high VG such as a 70/30 or 80/20 blend will produce the desired effect. Along with this, staying attentive to popular flavors will also appeal to these consumers as they are seeking an experience enhanced by appetizing flavors and a lot of cloud.

In terms of hardware, Cloud Chasers typically choose box mods as they have bigger battery power and the heftier size gives them the capacity to produce larger clouds. Diving further into the personal preferences of your individual customers, it is helpful to know your client’s inclinations in regard to juice with sugar additives. Sugar wears down the coil quickly, shortening its life significantly. This means that consumers using juice with sugar additives will require more frequent coil replacement.

As a result of using larger equipment, these consumers also go through juice much faster. Bigger bottles of juice will be popular with these buyers, as 60-120 mL bottles are overall more affordable for their purposes.

Final Thoughts on customer catering.

While it does require effort to consciously expand your market of nicotine strengths and hardware types, it is undoubtedly beneficial to thoroughly understand the needs and wants of your most frequent customers.

Ultimately customer catering boils down to convenience. By making the right products readily available in your store, you’ll be able to draw in the customers that comprise a large portion of the vaping population. This ensures that you will have the specificity to hook new buyers as well as maintain existing customers with continued attention to their particular needs. SVBS’

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