Visionary, sales professional, and development expert; titles that can only brush the surface of the businessman that is Joe Brown. A graduate of Menlo Business School, Brown is a force that has taken on multiple facets of the business world from leading product development in the Silicon Valley for dotcom corporations to effectively maintaining a multi-million dollar book of business at GreenSmart Living. With a degree in Psychology and Philosophy, Brown has used his vast array of knowledge to not only connect with his clients; he is in constant pursuit of industrial progression.

Can you start out by giving me the history of how Daddy’s Vapor got started?

Four years ago, we initially started out as a e-liquid manufacturer. Through our various business dealings it became apparent that we could start moving a tremendous amount of Vape Brands to various buyers on an international scale. Over the years we forged key relationships with some of the most prolific companies in the vape space. Some of those brands include Cosmic Fog, Marina Vape, Beard, Local Vape, Flawless, Liquid Guys, and Kilo. Now it’s our ambition to become one of the largest Global Vape Distributors in the industry.

How did you personally become involved in this industry?

I started off selling electronic cigarettes in 2007 out the trunk of my car, (laughs) going door to door in Southern California. In 2013 I transitioned into the “vape arena” because I was witnessing first hand the rise of the VTM boom.

What is your favorite thing about what you and your team do?

We SAVE the DAY.. Daddy’s Vapor’s main core value is not only to save our customers money but to help our wholesale/distro partners make MORE MONEY long term (By ensuring our clients are getting the best deal possible, we guarantee them the best shot at running their business in the BLACK year after year).

What is the most challenging aspect of your career?

Identifying where the general vapors palates are going and trying to align that with the right brands at an international scale. What people are vaping in Los Angeles isn’t what they are necessarily vaping in China and vice versa.

How do you set personal goals for yourself? What is the process like?

Interesting question… I’m personally my toughest critic, it’s my expectation to oversee one of the most profitable distros in the industry so I set daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals to stay on track. The process is simple, Create the Plan, Execute the Plan, Re-work the Plan, Execute the improved Plan.

Why have you stayed in this industry for so many years?

It’s a true paradigm shift, we are “becoming the change we want to see in the world” as we know it. By promoting new human behavior we will inevitably impact the destiny of millions of people globally. I can’t think of any other quest more worthwhile than the one we’re on now..

What do you feel has been the most important factor in your success?

Perseverance in the face of failure, Adapting and Evolving with the changing market, not allowing our “FEAR” hold us back, and staying true to our customers. If a certain business strategy isn’t working, we adjust accordingly. “Adjust the plan, adjust the brand, adjust the approach.”

This industry has changed dramatically in the past few years. How has that affected Daddy’s Vapor and your career as a whole?

We’ve been extremely blessed to craft some key relationships on an international landscape, thus giving us the ability to adapt quickly to these industry hurdles. Fortunately for us, we do business in numerous international markets that allow us to weather the domestic storm. Personally, this journey has given me the opportunity to learn and understand the Global Vaping movement as a whole. This knowledge will prove to be valuable as we exercise our Global initiatives accordingly.

What are you most proud of so far in your career?

I’m proud of our ability to distribute over 7 million bottles of e-liquid in the past four years. Those bottles were key in providing valuable revenue streams for our sub distributors and wholesalers. One must also appreciate the fact that those same bottles made their way to the hands of former tobacco smokers that are now living alternative positive lifestyles. The whole Vape Industry is truly a Family based industry of “people helping people” prosper in one way or another.

Looking forward to the future, what are you most excited about? What are you most concerned about?

Most excited about discovering and working with new emerging brands and markets. Concerns? Concerned with truly being able to grow to the demand. Being ready for that success is always a big challenge. If we’re not ready for our Boom as a company, we may miss our true potential as a global leader.

Do you have any advice for other business owners in this industry that might be struggling?

It’s all about key relationships and the belief in abundance. Our whole aim is to ensure profitability for all of our business partners. By following a philosophy of prosperity for all, we have executed some key business acquisitions and made alliances with a global distribution channel that is growing every day. SVBS