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How did White Label Juice Co. get started?

My business partner and I first started making juice 5 years ago. Initially, we had a different company where we sold 15ml and 30ml for the same prices as most other companies from our retail location. As we interacted with our customers who were trying to quit cigarettes and move to vaping, we quickly realized that the price point made it hard for them to give up cigarettes because switching to vaping was more expensive.

At this point we knew we had to shake things up. In 2014, we decided to sell 100ml bottles for $19.99 so that our customers could get the most out their juice. We wanted to make it easier and more practical for people to choose to vaping over cigarettes. With our 100ml bottle we became one of the first companies to offer a low budget juice without sacrificing quality.

What is your favorite part about working in this industry?

I love to hear the success stories. I love hearing stories about the benefits vaping has had on a person’s life. It’s extremely fascinating to sit down with someone who has smoked multiple packs of cigarettes a day for decades and hear about how the switch to vaping has changed their life. There are so many negative side effects to cigarettes and I love hearing how much better people feel when they are finally able to switch to vaping. People have told me about how vaping has saved their life, or their mother’s life, or someone they are close to. Hearing these stories is what drives me – it’s so inspiring.

What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of your career?

My passion for this industry and helping people makes it hard for me to sometimes maintain an even balance between work and life. I am the kind of person who gets laser focused, so I have to remember to give myself a break and take time for myself.

What do you feel has been the most important factor in your success so far?

I think that a big part of our success is how passionate we are about our customers – we put them first. We put out products that we use ourselves, at price points we feel good about. We got a lot of negative feedback from our competitors when we came out with 100ml bottles at $19.99, they felt we were undercutting them and ruining the industry. But for us, it has always been about taking care of the people the use our products. We work hard to give our customers quality products at prices that are fair. We don’t try to put ourselves in their shoes, we are in their shoes. It is about what we would want and to provide products we know they want.

Looking forward to the future, what are you most excited about? Do you have any concerns?

I am pretty excited about a project I have just started working on. Recently, I have been interviewing our customers to find out how vaping has impacted their lives. I have brought a few into my office to interview for a podcast and video blog platform. I set up interviews and get their stories, I’m excited to put the type of content out that shows the positive side of the industry. Vaping has helped so many people and I think putting the success stories out there is important.

As far as concerns go, I am concerned about the amount of negativity that is coming from so many companies trying to fight back against the FDA. They are going after them with pitchforks and I don’t think that is an effective way to go about fighting for what you think is right. I am all about advocacy and trying to make a positive impact – I think we need to stay organized and united to make the biggest difference.

Do you have any advice for other business owners in today’s industry that are struggling?

It’s kind of cheesy but speak your truth. Don’t do what everybody else is doing because that isn’t the only path to success. Make your own path and find a way to be unique. Put out products that you would use yourself and that you firmly stand behind because that always wins. Don’t be in this business just for the money, be in it to help people and make a positive change in the world. SVBS