In January of 2004, Jon Miller came across the opportunity to start a business with a friend and even though their partnership ultimately ended, Jon never looked back. He went on to grow 20 Past 4 & More to four locations across Indianapolis and Ft. Wayne, Indiana with the help of his dedicated and passionate staff.

Each location offers unique attributes while staying true to the Indiana shop’s brand standards – standards that customers have grown to love. Each location offers a minimum of 2,500 sqft of retail space,“When it come to our Clinton location, we take pride in our organization practices. We are a big store, we are close to 3,500 sqft of retail space so staying organized is crucial. We work hard to maintain a system that helps the shop run smoothly,” explains Craig Knaub, District Manager for 20 Past 4 & More.

Keystone Team

Their size makes the Indiana shops stand out among the competition, but size alone is not the only reason customers continue to come back time and time again. One of the biggest factors in the shop’s success is the staff. The people that make up the 20 Past 4 team are passionate, strong-willed, knowledgeable, and visionaries in the industry.

“The people who work here are directly responsible for the shop atmosphere at each location. They are the reason that customers feel so comfortable coming in. When it comes to our hiring process, we are very picky. It’s a minute demographic to find the types of motivated counterculture individuals that we are looking to hire. A lot of people come in to the shop with the intentions and hope of working here, but we don’t take just anybody,” continues Craig.

Clinton Team

As the company has grown over the years, 20 Past 4 has added an Event and Social Media Manager to their team to help coordinate events online and in each location. Customers love that they can stay up to date with their favorite shop on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat 24/7. Putting in the extra effort around the clock is a big part of why the shop has been able to grow substantially over the years. Just because the doors are closed everyday doesn’t mean the grind stops for the 20 Past 4 team, their dedication to the shop and industry as a whole really resonates with customers.

“We treat each other and our customers like family,” adds Craig. “We are always growing and improving the business and making changes, but how we treat each other and the people who walk through our doors – that will never change,” he stresses.

Broadway Team

Carefully considering the current industry standards, 20 Past 4 pays very close attention to the products they choose to carry and do a lot of research before each product ends up on one of their shelves.

“We have very high standards for the products that we carry in the shop and we always make sure that we are being compliant and abiding by the rules that have been set forth. For example, there was actually a product that I was just looking at – a vaporizer that looks really cool – however there is some verbiage on the back that is not up to date with where we are at in the world and so it will not make it to our shelves. We want our customers to enjoy our products, but more importantly we want to know they are safe,” says Craig.

Madison Team

In addition to researching new products and looking into trends after hours, the staff also gets information about up and coming products right from customers. Building relationships with customers and the community and maintaining a dialog is something that the 20 Past 4 team truly enjoys. Their passion and dedication to the industry shines through in even the quickest conversations and transactions, which is why customers have stayed so loyal and committed to the Indiana shop – customers know they can trust them. With 20 Past 4, it’s more than just selling products. It’s about getting to know the community and establishing deeper connections with customers.

When it comes to ordering products, the shop tries to find vendors with return policies, so they can try out the products before selling them to customers and don’t end up stuck with items they won’t sell.

“We try to keep our assets liquid. So if we do get a product in that isn’t meeting our standards or isn’t what we were expecting, we can hopefully exchange or return it without losing money. Finding good companies to work with is a very important part of running a successful business, and thankfully we have been able to do that,” he continues.

Perseverance is a big factor in 20 Past 4 & More’s growth as a company. Working in an industry that is always changing is tough, but Jon and his team never gave up.

“When it comes to persevering, and knowing that this business will have ups and downs, seeing it through has really paid off for us as a company. As fast as things progress and change, I have never stopped being surprised in this industry. There are always eye opening and head turning opportunities at every turn and that’s what makes this industry so fun,” explains Craig.

There are a lot of smoke shops in the Indianapolis area, but it’s easy to see why customers would choose 20 Past 4 as there go to shop. By putting customers first, investing in great products, offering fair prices, and establishing long lasting relationships, the Indiana smoke shop stands out ahead of the rest and will surely continue to do so in the years to come. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Jon, he’s currently on the road offering glass at a wholesale level to retailers and he might be in your neck of the woods. SVBS