Established in 2008, Beachside Vapors is a Melbourne, FL based manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of e-juice, vapes and vape accessories. With multiple locations throughout Melbourne, Beachside Vapors has become a customer favorite in the area. With their own line of e-juices, a carefully curated inventory, and unmatched customer service – it’s not surprising the Florida shop has grown to what it is today.

“When I was 20 years old and had a semester left in college, I used the $2,000 I was going to use to pay for that last semester and invested it into buying e-cigarettes instead,” begins Jake Busse, Owner of Beachside Vapor. “I started buying and wholesaling simple e-cigarettes at flea markets and local tobacco stores in 2010. It just grew from there. At first, I was the only one doing this in my county. Eventually, the wholesale and distribution company took shape and I rented a big warehouse and began manufacturing liquid,” he continues.

Jake is proof that with great risk. Comes great reward. Today, the shop offers hundreds of e-liquid flavors and the ability to make custom modifications – they truly have something for everyone. The same goes for their selection of hardware. Even with a variety of pricing to fit every budget, customers never see a sacrifice in quality.

“When we first started, we had a lot of people that were coming in to learn more about vaping to help them quit smoking. Today, we have seen that our customer based had switch more towards vapers than quitters. Our customers are constantly coming in to check out the latest products we offer. We stream video games, movies, Hulu, and Netflix – and have a big lounge for customers to just stop in, hang out, and chat with fellow vapers,” explains Jake.

Beachside Vapor’s laid-back atmosphere makes it a favorite among local vapers. Customers can come in and know that they won’t be rushed or oversold. By creating a conversation space that is comfortable and inviting, the Florida shop draws in customers that keep coming back. The shop also has air hockey, arcade games, and a snack bar.

“The older crowd is our main customer base, we don’t have very many young kids coming in and our average customer is thirty or so. They come in to hang out, chat, and find the vaping products they are looking for,” adds Jake.

In addition to carrying and distributing other brands, Beachside Vapor has been manufacturing juice for nearly five years as well. When they first opened their doors, all juice was imported from China – because that was their only option. As the vapor industry began to grow and the shop needed juice faster, Jake made the choice to mix their own. This allowed them to guarantee the quality, get it into customers hands faster than ever before, and allow for customizing. Today they sell more of their own juice than any other line in the store.

“To us, vaping is like bartending. Bartenders can whip up all kinds of crazy drinks and likewise we love coming up with all kinds of crazy flavors for our customers and we can also keep it simple too. When we make our own juice, we can ensure every customer can get what they want,” he explains.

With a large lab at their wholesale facility and a small lab for making quick modifications at the store, Beachside Vapor can meet nearly any customer request – and they can do it quickly and efficiently. Offering these options is what really makes the shop stand out in an industry that is flooded with so many options that can sometimes overwhelm customers. Customers are able to come in, and quickly get what they want without having to search far and wide.

“Our business model is a direct resemblance of the community, which has made us a hit. As opposed to me just looking up the best seller in California and trying to apply it to Florida. It might work, but not nearly as well as what we are doing,” further explains Jake. “I am the one deciding what we carry, and my favorites might not be the same as every other customer, so having the flexibility allows us to please the masses. It also makes it more fun. It allows us to interact on a personal level with customers and it has really helped grow our brand and reputation,” he continues.

Beachside Vapor relies mostly on word-of-mouth marketing. By offering custom options for those who visit the store, customer satisfaction is always high. Happy patrons tell their friends, which ultimately drives new customers to the shop.

Looking forward to the future, Jake is excited to take on whatever comes his way. He is looking forward to growing the brand and diversifying his inventory.

“It’s hard to have a set plan in this industry. It changes overnight. I take it day by day and I am constantly evaluating the business and scoping out our next move. In addition to vape, we are moving more towards the smoke shop industry as well and starting to carry a little bit of glass and some CBD products. Our goal is to diversify a bit more than we have in the past, which has been a really fun process. Getting to attend trade shows and learn more about products I knew nothing about before and build new relationships has been awesome,” says Jake.

With such a crowded industry Jake suggests other vapor shops diversify as well. He has personally noticed that by carrying just a little glass in the shop, he has drawn in customers that would much rather shop in a clean vape shop vs a heady smoke shop. Glass customers have told him they prefer the simplicity of a small carefully selected glass collection over the overwhelming amount found at smoke shops.

At the end of the day, the biggest factor in Beachside’s success is passion. Jake’s passion and dedication to this industry and his customers shines through in everything he does – and the same goes for the staff that supports him.

“My favorite thing about working in this industry is making new flavors. I try to craft a new flavor each week and get a better understanding of different ingredients and how they can change the final product. I love the creative process of making something new or making something better,” explains Jake. “When it comes to the day to day process of everything, I love working with customers. Most of our customers are regulars and its cool to form friendships with so many people in my community and get a real sense of the world. I’m glad to be a part of an industry where no day is ever the same – it keeps life interesting,” he adds.

To learn more about Beachside Vapor, visit or find them on Instagram (@beachsidevapors), Twitter (@beachsidevapors), or Facebook (@beachsidevapors). SVBS