4EverEcig and HiFive Supply have been serving the Greater Nashville area since May 2012. After successfully utilizing vaping as means to quit smoking owner George Zervas and his wife Jenny, knew they wanted to share their journey with others.

“Vaping is the reason we were able to leave cigarettes behind for good. Since the very first day I used them, I knew I wanted to open a vape shop and share my knowledge with my community,” begins George.

In May 2012, the Nashville company got its start online and exploded from there. By August, George and Jenny were able to open their first retail store. Today, seven locations make up the 4EverEcig and HiFive Supply empire and they are known for their service and impressive inventory of carefully curated products.

Since the inception of the popular chain of shops, George and Jenny have had their son Peter by their side as well. Their passion as a family combined with a knowledgeable team that is second to none is the reason this Tennessee company continues to grow and find success.

“The thing that makes us stand out the most is our employees. We look for people to join us that are passionate about vaping and very knowledgeable. Our team is always on the lookout for new products and they are excited to be a part of this fast-paced industry. We take their advice seriously and really value their opinions and suggestions,” explains George.

The Nashville area shops carry a large selection of products to satisfy their community’s vaping needs across a variety of experience levels and price points. From ejuice and nicotine salts to box mods, accessories, and starter kits – they really do have something for everyone. Each product is carefully chosen and used by the entire team before it hits the shelves for customers. Everything in the shop is used by the team which makes helping customers troubleshoot or work through problems a stress-free process. It also makes the products easy to sell – because the team truly loves what the shop carries.

“In addition to their knowledge and passion about the products, we also want our team to be passionate about the people that walk through our doors. Since day one, we have had a very clear customer experience vision for our shops. As soon as a customer walks through our doors, it is all about them. Our focus has always been 100% about our customers and satisfying their needs. We offer free drinks in the shop and try to make their shopping experience as comfortable as possible,” he adds.

In order to consistently provide a positive experience for customers, 4Ever and HiFive are always looking for ways to improve and even takes customer feedback into consideration. For George, every day is an opportunity to be better and improve his business one way or another. His dedication to his community and attention to detail is what sets him apart from his competition in such a competitive market.

“We take customer feedback very seriously. We lean on them for recommendations on products, display ideas for the shop, and pay close attention to suggestions they make elsewhere too – we really take what they have to say to heart. Our customers are the reason our doors are open and the reason we have been able to grow – that is not something we will forget,” expresses George.

George also attributes a big portion of their success to the relationships they have formed with their suppliers.

“Over the years we have developed strong partnerships with our suppliers and that has really made a difference in our business,” says George. “Take Charlie’s Chalk Dust for example. We do a lot of different promotions with them and co-op advertising. We are limited when it comes to where we can advertise, so we have to get creative – our partnerships with suppliers is one way we are able to do that,” he continues.

When customers walk into one of the Greater Nashville shops, they will immediately be impressed with the selection of hardware and eliquid. Each location has 2 or 3 walls filled with ejuice – which is a sight to see, but for George his pride comes from the compliments he receives on his staff.

“It makes me so proud that I receive countless compliments on my employees and their willingness to help our customers. If anyone has made this company great, it is my customers and my team – I would be no where without them. They have been the key to our success,” confesses George.

Looking forward to the future, George is excited about the recent rise of CBD products. A variety of CBD products can be found in each 4Ever location.

“I am also excited to see where this industry goes. The market is evolving and even though change can be a little terrifying – I am excited to see what’s next. I am also excited to continue to serve our customers and grow our business. The best thing about owning this business is that I get to work with my wife, son, and incredible team every day – and for that I am beyond grateful. It has also been really exciting to see our young talent evolve into confident managers and district mangers. We have employees with us today that have been with us since day one. We try to take care of our team and we make an environment that is fun to work in and allows for professional growth,” he concludes.

By surrounding themselves with the best of the best, it is no surprise that the Zervas family was able to make their shops so successful. The family owned shop goes above and beyond for their customers and their passion has not gone unnoticed. The Tennessee shop will continue to be on the forefront of what is new and trending in the industry and will surely be around to serve their customers for years to come. SVBS