After smoking for nearly 25 years, Bill Maxey and his wife Jennifer decided to take a closer look into smoking alternatives. When they discovered vaping, they were skeptical at first but decided to give it a try. They quickly realized how easy it was for them to completely leave cigarettes behind. After their personal success with vaping, they wanted to help educate others on healthier alternatives to smoking.

“It worked so well for us and we wanted to share our experience. Just four months after we both started vaping, we knew we needed to open a vape shop,” explains Bill Maxey, Owner of Bad Wolf Vape.

Located in San Antonio, Texas, Bad Wolf Vape first opened their doors in 2014. The Texas shop isn’t your ordinary vape shop. Shop staff care deeply about each and every person that walks through the door and take education seriously. Bill spends a lot of time researching and finding premium e-liquids that are quality and made with high grade ingredients.

“We welcome anyone that walks through our doors, but our focus is mainly on the adult customer and helping them understand the transition process to vape. Our store has high end finishes and we really place a heavy importance on education. Customers are never rushed in the shop and we take pride in helping them understand our products and how to get the most out of their purchase,” explains Bill.

When customers enter the shop, they will quickly notice that the shop does not have that stereotypical vapor shop feel. There are not posters on the walls, you won’t find mechanical gear, or hobbyist mods. You will find high end finishes, a well-lit atmosphere, and that the space is very clean and professional.

“Our customer base is older and transitioning from smoking to vaping. They are looking to quit cigarettes and they don’t need anything outrageous to do so,” explains Bill.

Bad Wolf Vape offers quality products at fair prices. They put in the time to research and find the right products to help customers get the most out of their money. Bill and Jennifer are in this industry to help their community lead a healthier life, not gouge customers to make a quick buck. Honesty and genuine passion for people drives the shop’s success.

“We are more concerned about getting our customers what they need and making sure they understand the products they are purchasing. We want to make sure that they get what they want and what they need. We spend an average of 15 to 30 minutes with customers explaining things and answering questions, but my staff has spent 3+ hours with someone who has a lot of questions in the past. It’s not out of the norm for us to spend that much time with a customer if they need it,” he adds.

The Bad Wolf Vape team has been a monumental aspect of the shop’s success. Bill and Jennifer took great care when selecting their team and put each member through a few weeks of training to make sure they understood the customer service standards. Because of this attention to detail in training, it doesn’t matter if what the experience level of the customer is when they enter the shop – the staff is well equipped to assist them and help them through any situation.

The Texas shop is also a good place for customers to stop in and find premium e-liquids they can’t find anywhere else.

“I would say that we fall into the category of a boutique juice store. We don’t carry a lot of juice lines that can be found nationwide. I go to a lot of vape shows and I love to find small companies that are making really cool juices. We want to bring unique juices to our customers and show them that there is more to the vaping world than just the big names. Some of these smaller companies are making juices that are so superior to the well-known brands and we want to share that with our customers,” says Bill.

Bill and Jennifer’s passion for their customers, and the industry as a whole, shines through in everything they do. They are in this business for all the right reasons and this industry is a better place because of them. Their honestly as business owners and dedication to educating and creating awareness for healthier smoking options quickly propelled them to the top. It’s no surprise that Bad Wolf Vape has been so successful. The shop is driven by selfless owners and a knowledgeable team and fueled by passion.

“It is so important to find your niche in the industry and then live inside of that. The majority of us that began working in this business, did it with such a strong passion because it helped us quit a lifelong addiction and we wanted desperately to share that with others and help them. Over the last few years however, that message has been lost upon a lot of shops. It’s important to go back to the basics and remember why we are here. Treat your customers right and do right by them and at the end of the day you will be successful,” urges Bill.

The Bad Wolf Vape customer base is the shop’s biggest marketing campaign. Bill, Jennifer, and the entire team go above and beyond for each person that sets foot inside their shop – and it shows. The shop’s dedication to their service is what keeps the community buzzing, new customers coming in, and old customers refusing to go anywhere else. The San Antonio shop is firmly on the map and will surely continue to be a hit with customers for years to come. SVBS