Jeremy Urban, owner of Tha Headshop in Ferndale, Michigan opened the doors to his shop on January 1, 2015. After noticing space for lease in a local building, Urban knew exactly what he wanted to bring to Ferndale. Since deciding to open Tha Headshop, Urban has found nothing but success. He knew that the open space was the perfect location for a headshop and wasted no time securing the location for the shop.

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“As soon as I saw the space for lease I got in touch with the landlord as fast as I could. It’s a great location, and I didn’t want to miss it,” says Urban.

Luckily, after speaking to the plaza landlord, Urban was able to secure the location and began to set up shop. When it comes to working in the industry, Urban says his favorite part is working with the all the people who walk through his doors. He enjoys educating people on the products he carries, helping them find what works best for them, and troubleshooting any issues customers may stumble upon.

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Having already worked to cut down his own smoking habit over the past few years, Urban knows firsthand the process of cutting back and how difficult the journey can be. This knowledge allows him to help his customers on a personal level and truly help them cut back or quit smoking cigarettes.

“I enjoy this business because I enjoy helping people get away from cigarettes and giving them some longevity in their lives,” he explains.

Another reason that Tha Headshop has found success so early on is the shop’s connection to the community. The glass products carried in the shop are American made glass and a lot of the products come from local glass artists in the Ferndale and Detroit area.

“We find our glass artists on Instagram and we also have artists come in to talk to us directly as well,” says Urban.
When it comes to marketing, Tha Headshop advertises everywhere. The shop runs local print ads in the Metro Times and the Ferndale Friends, radio ads when they first opened their doors, maintains a website and monitors social media pages like Instagram (@thaheadshop710 ) and Facebook (Tha Head Shop Smokeshop).

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Social media accounts are key in this rapidly changing industry. The accounts allows for shop owners to pick up on trends in their customer base in real time. The ability to see consumer interest in products, brands and other industry trends offers truly valuable information that the shop owners can apply directly to products and services in the shop.

“As a shop owner, you need to keep up on your inventory. If you don’t do that, you are going to fail. You need to pay close attention to your customers and stock stuff that people want. You have to spend time gauging what the demand is in your area. You don’t need to buy a lot of one thing. Create a variety in your shop and use that to research the market,” explains Urban.

By taking the time to look into the market demand in his area, the Ferndale shop owner has found success right from the start. Tha Headshop has flourished from day one due to the heavy importance Urban places on researching his local market. By working closely with customers and monitoring trends, the shop has started out its journey in the industry with the right foot forward and will continue to do so in the years to come. SVBS