It’s A Dream has been successfully serving the Kansas City metro area since 2008. The Kansas City smoke shop is one of the most established shops in town thanks to their loyal customers who encourage their friends to come explore and have fun in the shop as well. One trip to It’s A Dream will show you that not all Kansas City smoke shops are the same. The shop offers a wide selection of high quality products chosen by highly knowledgeable staff who put customer service first over profit margins. The staff is able to answer any questions customers might have and make recommendations based on their needs. In addition to great customer service, knowledgeable staff, and top of the line products, It’s A Dream also offers a well-lit and clean store that provides customers with a comfortable shopping experience. At the Kansas City smoke shop, the staff go above and beyond what is required to make every visit to feel like a dream. Even with a quick visit, it’s easy to see why so many people prefer It’s A Dream.

“When our owner first opened the doors to It’s A Dream in 2008, the shop was more of a head shop and quite eclectic. They sold everything from tapestries and guitars to tobacco and hookahs. As time when on, the shop began to evolve into just a pipe and hookah shop. Then when I started working here about 2 years ago, we started to evolve the store yet again. We switched out our cigarettes to vapor products to match the demand and we also made a transition into carrying American-made, high quality glassware from local artists and then eventually started getting glassware from artists with rather large followings as well,” explains Josh Funk Manager at It’s A Dream Smoke Shop.

The Kansas City shop puts a lot of time and effort into finding great glass artists and keeps their shelves filled with really unique pieces. They have a full time curator, Luke Powell who works hard to find and secure new artists. Powell looks for artists online and on social media and reaches out to them to see if he can get their work in the shop. It’s A Dream is always adding new work and promoting new artists and this keeps customers coming back again and again to see what’s new. Having Powell stay on top of trends and work so hard to find exceptional glass work really sets the Missouri shop ahead of its competitors and keeps their collection in the shop fresh and relevant.
Even the shop atmosphere sets It’s A Dream apart from its competition. Unlike other smoke shops, where staff may pressure sales or hover over customers, a visit to It’s A Dream is far from that – it’s honestly fun. Customers not only love the service and products, they love the experience as well.

“The shop is fun and inviting. We have customers stop in one to three times a week to spin our ‘Winnie Wheel’ and hang out in the shop. To play the wheel, you pay five dollars to spin it and there are only 2 lose spaces out of twelve total spots, so your chances of a win are pretty good. You can win items or discounts and customers love it. We also do raffles in the shop as well. All the guys that work here in are really fun, nice guys. We crack jokes and sing – even if it’s not good, it still creates the kind of atmosphere that people want to be around,” says Josh.

As the largest shop in the area, It’s A Dream offers more products and the most variety.

“We carry higher quality products than a lot of our competition and we have a more artists to choose from. We have a lot of American products and really great prices. On our vaporizer end, we also try to keep all of our product prices very close to what you would find it for online – which our customers absolutely love. They are getting the best of both worlds where they get a great price and can see the item in person before they buy it. Everyone who works here is deeply involved in the culture, so we have all personally used most of the products we carry and we know how to troubleshoot them and we can communicate to customers exactly what they need to know about each item. Our customers really appreciate our large selection of products, but they appreciate our knowledge on each item even more. We take the time to educate our customers, and I think that is really important,” explains Josh.

As the vapor industry grows in popularity, more brands, products, and features emerge every day. It’s important to understand how incredibly different vaporizers are from traditional cigarettes, and just as important to educate customers on how to use the products. Something as simple as the wrong product or incorrect nicotine level could turn someone away from vaping for life.


“Educating people is my favorite part about what I do each day. I love teaching customers about products or helping them discover healthier choices. I also love helping people see that the smoking culture is not the delinquent industry it has been portrayed as, and that it is so much more than that. It’s a community of people who are intelligent, driven, and caring. It’s an industry I am proud to be a part of,” says Josh.

In an industry as competitive as this one, it is also important not to gouge your customers or become overly greedy. Pricing can make or break a shop’s success.

“A huge issue in this industry is that people don’t realize how easy it is for consumers to just look up a product online – even when they are literally in the shop. When I became manager, I really noticed that disconnect with some pricing – even in our own shop. Customers were quick to ask why certain items could be found so much cheaper online and that made it seem like we were trying to rip people off – but we weren’t. It’s really important to put in the time to research pricing and make sure your customers are comfortable they are getting quality products at the right price,” explains Josh.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that It’s A Dream Smoke Shop has been able to build such a great reputation. Since opening their doors in 2008, they have proved time and time again that not all smoke shops are the same. With a wide selection of high quality products, fair prices, and knowledgeable and passionate staff – failure is just not an option. At the shop, the staff go above and beyond what is required to make every visit to the shop feel like a dream.

“The fact that we, as a staff, are just as involved in the industry and culture as our customers really puts them at ease. Customers know that we are knowledgeable and that we truly know what we are talking about. We are also able to relate to our customer’s issues as well, because we ourselves have the same issues and are able to help them troubleshoot and find solutions that work for them,” explains Josh.

In addition to local newspaper ads and billboards, It’s A Dream maintains a modern website ( and strengthens their social media presence day by day making it easy for customers to learn more about who they are and shop specials, deals, or events. Stay up to date with all things dreamy on Facebook, Instagram, and even Soundcloud. SVBS