With locations in Rockwall, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma, LoneStar Vapor Shop is dedicated to delivering the highest quality e-cigarette and tobacco alternative products available in today’s industry making it the go to shop for vapers in the area. LoneStar’s e-liquid is custom mixed in all retail locations and uses only the most trusted sources of materials manufactured right here in the United States. With over 250 flavors at the tasting bar, there’s something for everyone. In addition to an amazing selection of top of the line e-liquid, the All-American shop offers a large variety of products and accessories to meet any vaping need. Whether you are new to vaping or are an experienced veteran in the industry, LoneStar Vapor Shop is always happy to answer questions and help customers find exactly what they need.

“My wife had been a long time smoker and was looking for a way to quit for good. Then one day in late 2012, she came home with an e-cig and eventually used it to quit and never picked up another cigarette. I was so impressed and when I started looking around I quickly realized there wasn’t a store in the little town we lived in. Having worked in retail before, I knew this was something we should get involved in,” says Tony Osburn, Owner of LoneStar Vapor Shop.

Around the same time, while working in the transportation industry, Tony had a heart attack. While resting up and laying low, he decided he needed to find something that gave him better hours and was better for him physically. With that LoneStar Vapor Shop was officially born in January of 2013 and doors opened later that year in April in Rockwall and then the second location followed shortly after in October in Tulsa.

“We really stand out from other shops in the area because we make our own juice. We mix our own flavors and we have over 250 different types of juice. We use the best possible quality ingredients and none of our flavors come from China. We work with the best flavor companies that produce flavors for candy shops and bakeries,” explains Tony.

LoneStar also has a program called Juice for the Troops that includes their amazing flavors. For any service man or woman stationed in a combat zone, the shop will work to get ejuice to these troops. All that is required is an email with the military APO address and LoneStar will provide the ejuice and get it out as fast as possible.

“Our Rockwall store is decorated with flags, plaques, and awards that these service men and women have given me for doing this for them. It’s been a really rewarding program and we are more than happy to keep it going,” says Tony.

In addition to making great juices, LoneStar is also known for their amazing store atmosphere and customer service. However, making a name for themselves wasn’t free from bumps in the road. There were hiccups from day one dealing with the business license and struggles with other things like molding the business to the terms of service required by Facebook ads and PayPal payments.

“I remember the day I went into get my business license, the woman behind the counter slid back in her chair, lowered her glasses, and looked me dead in the eyes and said, ‘We don’t allow head shops in Rockwall.’ And then, after a bit of explanation, she finally gave me my license. Even after that, for the first month, I had a regular parade of police officers walking through my shop everyday making sure we were what we said we were,” recalls Tony.

LoneStar Vapor Shop really knows what they are doing in this industry and they know how to treat their customers right to ensure they keep coming back time and time again. If customers come in with a problem and they have a receipt, LoneStar is more than happy to replace it for them. Sometimes the shop will even replace items outside of the warranty period if necessary. Great customer service doesn’t just happen, it’s something the staff work hard on each and every day. Same goes for their juice flavors. If a customer takes a flavor home and find it’s not working for them or they decide they just don’t like it as much as they originally thought, the amazing staff at LoneStar are more than happy to help each customer find a better fit from their extensive juice line. They know that there is no point at all in vaping if you don’t have the right equipment or juice and they are more than willing to help customers find what works best for them.

“I still have the amazing original crew I started all this with. I initially drew my staff from places that I knew had great customer service practices and places where employees had flavoring experience. For example, most of my employees had worked for Starbucks at some point. There, they were used to high volume, held to high customer service standards, and had great knowledge of taste and flavoring combinations,” says Tony.

When it comes to juice, although a lot of places hand drip to create their juices, that isn’t the way LoneStar gets things done. Hand dripping is subjective to the person dripping, and some may have a heavier hand than others, leading to variations within one flavor. The hand dripping process can also lead to mistakes while following the recipe and result in an incorrect formula. To insure their juices are consistent, LoneStar gets their bases with preset nicotine levels at 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg.

“Every time we mix a product, it is consistent and the same without fail. It is a process, but for us, it is also an exact science. We take it very seriously,” explains Tony.

Taking the process so seriously is one of the many reasons LoneStar Vapor Shop has been so successful. Customers can expect the same quality at all locations time after time. Attention to detail is vital in an industry where competition is fierce and other e-liquid makers may cut corners to save money. At LoneStar, you get quality from start to finish. Putting in the extra effort behind the scenes doesn’t go unnoticed by customers.

“Our Rockwell location has been very successful. At one time we were the first store there, and now there’s a few more that have opened, but we remain the go to location. And that’s all thanks to our customers and what they say about us. We used to use Google Adwords, but over time all we needed to rely on was word-of-mouth. Our customers are truly our best advertisement,” says Tony.

Tony started LoneStar with the intent to help people lead healthier lives. Since breaking ground on the first location, it’s fair to say that Tony has done more than help people choose to make cigarettes a thing of the past – he has changed their lives as well.

“From personal experience, simply put – it works. I have people come back every day and take my hand and tell me about how they smoked for years and since they have turned to vaping, they can now walk a flight of stairs without getting out of breath. It’s all about helping people feel better,” explains Tony.

As the industry evolves, Tony and the staff of LoneStar are paying close attention to everything that is happening with the FDA regulations. But regardless of that, they have taken the right steps to register with the FDA as a manufacturer and are currently in the process of registering each and every flavor as well.

“I had plan to expand my business into other states. I wanted to grow this business, but have since pulled back on that plan until I can find out exactly what the FDA is going to do. Once we find out that are going to be able to survive all these changes in the industry, I will go right back into full expansion mode,” he explains.

If you are a shop in today’s industry that is struggling to keep things together, Tony has three words of advice: be old school. This means taking care of your employees. Treat your employees right, and they will then in turn take care of your customers, and your customers will take care of your business. It all starts with employees and your dedication to treating them with respect.

With a leader and driving force like Tony Osburn, it’s easy to see why LoneStar Vapor Shop has been so successful. He surrounds himself with the best employees, the highest standards for doing business, quality products, and a real passion for his customers. Whether you are new to vaping or are an experienced veteran in the industry, LoneStar Vapor Shop is always happy to help customers find exactly what they need. Even with the FDA cracking down on the industry, it’s safe to say that with the way LoneStar does business, they will be around for years to come. SVBS