Located in Tallahassee Florida, Natural Life works hard to bring healthy alternatives to market, especially those that do not come with the heavy side effects like most of today’s big pharma products. At Natural Life, they make it possible and easy for anyone in their community to have complete access to a large selection of all-natural alternatives from all parts of the globe. The Florida shop specializes mostly in Hemp derived CBD products, but also carry a vast array of other natural products and holistic plants such as Kava Kava, Kratom, Turmeric, Akuamma, Ginseng, Ashwagandha, and many more. Natural Life does not sell medical marijuana or low-THC cannabis, they are not a medical marijuana dispensary or a treatment center, but they have helped many individuals find a better, healthier, and more natural way of life.

“My friend Gabriel decided to open the shop after we both spent a lot of time researching Hrmp derived CBD products and realized just how outrageous the prices were for the average consumer. We knew we wanted to open a specialty shop that could help lower the prices for the consumer,” explains Alex Petrick, Distributor and Media Representative for Natural Life.

Gabriel and Alex became interested in CBD products when they saw how much it helped Gabriel’s brother with arthritis. They wanted to bring these products to their community and educate customers on just how much CBD could do. They first opened their doors on February 3, 2018.

“The shop atmosphere is set up kind of like a dietary supplement or vitamin shop. We provide a huge variety of options here and not only for CBD, but also Kratom, Kava, and more. We choose to set the shop similar to a supplement shop and break the barriers and stigmas of CBD shops so our customers who come in and know nothing about what we do can feel comfortable and spend the time to be properly educated on the products,” continues Alex.

The modern, clean space puts customers at ease and makes everyone feel welcome. When customers enter the shop they are quickly greeted, products are thoroughly explained, and then the staff will make a recommendation based on the conversation. Paying close attention to what customers need and taking the time to get to know them personally, has propelled Natural Life to the top. Customers come back again and again for the fairly-priced products, but they stay for the service.

“Since opening our doors in February, we have built a really solid customer base, but we are also seeing new faces each day. Many local physicians in our area are even recommending our shop to their patients,” he adds.

Natural Life is the only CBD specialty shop in North Florida and they were the first to open a Dab Bar Lounge in the area as well. The lounge is adjacent to their shop and aims to create an atmosphere where long time smokers will feel comfortable socializing with healthier alternatives.

“The lounge is a place that will help strengthen the CBD culture and community here in North Florida. We want to create an atmosphere for people to socialize and talk about ideas. Our grand opening was actually a political campaign event with a candidate running for mayor who plans to decriminalize marijuana in Leon County. Even though we are not associated with marijuana and we sell industrial hemp, we still want to help provide comfortable spaces for our customers to chat and discuss topics related to our industry,” explains Alex.

Natural Life looks forward to expanding their presence in Florida and hopes to open a location in all major Florida cities. They plan to continue to work hard to get prices down for their consumers.

“Our goal is to get prices down. Ideally, we would love to see hemp prices the same as tobacco. We provide an alternative to tobacco and we don’t want our customers to have to pay more for the healthier option. Tobacco is proven to cause cancer and CBD has been proven to kill cancer cells according to the National Cancer Institute. We want to provide a better alternative at a fair price and make sure our community knows what options are available to them,” explains Alex.

Natural Life puts consumers first and it shows. The Florida shop’s attention to detail, dedication to getting prices down, variety of product options, and investment in research has made them a big player in this space. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and makes sure each customer finds the best product for their lifestyle. The healthy alternatives are making waves with customers and continuing to impress and help those who have a chance to visit.

To stay up to date with Natural Life, check out their website www.shopnaturallife.com or follow them on instagram @shopnaturallife. SVBS