Sky High Smoke Shop is an award winning smoke shop and gallery combination located in Tempe, Arizona. The shop is run by President Mo Aoufe and his brother KC Aoufe who is the Vice President. The shop consisted of a fully stocked smoke shop and amazing gallery kitty corner, until Sky High announced on January 1, 2017 that a new, larger location will house both the smoke shop and the gallery in one spot near the gallery location. Sky High Smoke Shop was named the Best Head Shop in Phoenix for 2014, 2015 and 2016 and that comes as no surprise. Backed by knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated staff who truly care about their customers, Sky High Smoke Shop blows their competition away and continues to grow and expand every year.

Mo and KC were inspired by the industry from a young age. Their father entered in the industry in 1975, and quickly became one of the largest glass manufacturing and wholesale companies in New York City at that time. Mo began working in the industry in 2001 at the AZ Best Smoke Shop in Mesa, Arizona and in July 2009 purchased the shop from the existing owner of Coughing Canary with KC, just like that Sky High Smoke Shop was officially born. A few months later, Joey Dee (General Manager) came to Mo and KC with an idea for a Black Friday sale. Although no one in the industry was doing anything like this at the time and the idea seemed a little crazy, Mo and KC sat down to work out the logistics of the sale. When Black Friday finally rolled around, the shop saw sales like never before and the newly rebranded shop quickly made a name for themselves.

“We did so many sales in a 4 hour period, it was insane. We still do the sale every year and it continues to get bigger and crazier each time. It’s now one of the biggest sales in country,” explains Mo, President and Owner of Sky High Smoke Shop.

The Black Friday sale isn’t the only thing that sets Sky High miles ahead of their competition, their Arizona shop also offers an amazing glass selection in their gallery and stays open late.

“My brother KC is the one who keeps up with the artists by supporting them and going to shows and keeping up to date with the latest and greatest. We offer a lot of big artists and really interesting and unique pieces. Our glass gallery is a lot of fun,” says Mo.

Finding success doesn’t just depend on carrying high quality or expensive products in this industry, customer service and treating customers with respect is how you can spot the difference between a good smoke shop and a great one. As trends quickly change, customers will come in looking for information as well as products and the most successful smoke shops, like Sky High, are the ones who can deliver in that aspect. Mo and the people behind Sky High Smoke Shop are proud of the customer service they provide and work hard to make sure every experience in the shop is a good one.

“We treat everyone who shops here the same. It doesn’t matter if you spend a lot or a little, you get the same service. Whether you have a lot of money and you know exactly what you want or you only spend a dollar, we will spend the same amount of time with you. The quality of service and how we represent ourselves is something we go a little crazy about here. It just a really important aspect of how we do business. There used to be four other smoke shops on the corner with us and they all closed down. Our customer service just can’t be beat. The people we serve are my favorite part about working in this industry, and we work hard to make sure when they visit the shop, they want to come back,” explains KC.

The Arizona smoke shop does a great job at making customers feel comfortable. Mo knows that customers want to feel valued and should never feel like they are an interruption. At Sky High, Mo and KC know that customers are the lifeline of their business and should always be treated as such. Sky High staff are trained to give complete attention to each and every customer and let each person that walks through the door know that their needs are the most important item of business at this very moment.

“Our customer service is what makes customers feel at ease in the shop and it is what makes our shop great. Unfortunately you can never satisfy everybody, but we try our hardest to do so. A big part of making people feel comfortable is that we never tell people what to buy, we instead work to educate each customer on their options” says Mo.

Sky High Smoke Shop is always on top off industry trends and up to date with the latest information available. The hard work that is put in to research and industry education really pays off when it comes to working with the customers and anticipating what is needed. The Arizona shop’s customers know they are getting the best information from the staff and can then make educated purchases they feel good about. This makes Sky High the first choice for the people of the area to shop and learn about what’s new on the market and in turn, keeps them coming back time and time again and proves that knowledge is power.

Looking forward to the future, Mo, KC, and all the Sky High staff are excited about getting the new merged location together and continuing to grow and be a top competitor in this industry. Born from passion for the industry, Sky High Smoke Shop was destined for success from the start and prove each day that they will continue to be successful in the years to come. Armed with the ability to provide unique glasswork, unparalleled customer service, and trustworthy information, the open-late Arizona shop is the definition of success. SVBS