Five years ago Kingdom Vapor Wholesale got its start as a tobacco shop called Smoke 4 Less in Clarion, Pennsylvania. In the beginning the shop sold very little e-cigarettes or vape products, but instead focused on the boom of the RYO filling station for the first two years. Once the machine shut down, Smoke 4 Less decided to change with the times and became a full service vape shop in addition to the tobacco side of the shop they had previously established.

In the beginning Smoke 4 Less took advantage of the local media outlets to attract customers to their shop in Clarion.

“We advertised locally with radio and newspaper ads, but most of our business has come through word of mouth,” explains Ben Oesterling of Kingdom Vapor Wholesale.

With the vapor boom beginning to take shape and with vapor popularity continuing to skyrocket, Smoke 4 Less had caught on to the trend at precisely the right time. The shop became a haven for those interested in tobacco as well as a place for those who wanted to quit smoking with e-cigarettes.

The staff of the small town mom-and-pop Pennsylvania shop pride themselves on the care they provide to each and every customer. By doing so, they have created an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming for new customers and the reason they have regulars dropping in to shop and hang out daily.

“We’re in a high traffic area with a lot of people coming through everyday. But at the same time, we always have people just hanging out and using the store as a local vape lounge. With a lot of our customers, we know their face and we know their name when they walk in,” says Ben.

Taking the time to connect with each customer has been an important factor in Smoke 4 Less’ success. Everyone knows making the decision to quit smoking is a tough one, and going through the process of actually doing it is even harder. Therefore, by taking the time to build honest, strong relationships with customers, Smoke 4 Less has built up a truly happy customer base. The customers not only get the best products and information from the shop, more importantly, they’ve found a place they can truly trust.



Another big aspect that has contributed to the success of the Pennsylvania shop is the fact that the staff has taken the time to learn absolutely everything about what they are selling.

“You’ve got to learn the product. The knowledge and know how on the product will do so much more than any marketing or anything else you do. If you not only know what you’re selling but can also fix it and serve your customer better than anybody else, you’re guaranteed to be the most popular shop around,” explains Ben.

Just check out reviews of Smoke 4 Less anywhere online and it’s easy to see that they know exactly what they’re doing and the customers are confident the staff is well educated. From being called “e-cig gurus” to “excessively knowledgeable” the Internet is filled with raving reviews about Smoke 4 Less.

“Customer service is our number one priority,” states Ben.


Creating happy, satisfied customers is what the staff of the small town shop does best. They strive everyday to properly educate their customers on the wild world of vaping as well as deliver quality, fair priced products.

“Because we are still a tobacco shop too, a lot of our customers come in, after having gone to the doctor and finding out for health reasons that maybe it’s time to quit smoking, and decide to learn about vaping. They come in day after day and the see the e-cigs working for others, so they finally decide it’s worth a try and we help them get to where they want to be,” says Ben.

While building up the retail location and learning the ways of the vapor world and the e-cig industry, Ben quickly realized that there weren’t a lot of options for finding quality products to carry.

“We had to buy from China and deal with the roulette of getting good product or getting bad product. It was never the same and there wasn’t anyone out there that could walk us through how exactly to learn the product. So we had to learn on our own,” recalls Ben.

Ben and the Smoke 4 Less staff knew there had to be others out there who were struggling as well and in need of guidance. With that, Kingdom Vapor Wholesale was born. Quality products backed by a team of people who can guarantee everything they are selling is top notch. Kingdom Vapor Wholesale has done the research, put in the time and found the recipe for success as proven by the accomplishments of Smoke 4 Less.

As for the future, progress moving forward will be geared towards growing Kingdom Vapor Wholesale. But don’t worry – the Smoke 4 Less retail location won’t be going anywhere. Customers, new and old, can still find everything they need at the Pennsylvania shop.

You can search for Kingdom Vapor Wholesale on Facebook or visit their website for more information. SVBS