Located in Fairborn, Ohio, A&R 1 Smoke Shop is a great example of how attention to detail, quality and customer service can keep your smoke shop on track for success.

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Owned and operated by Ribhy Ihrabi, the Ohio smoke shop first open its doors in July of 2007. The area at the time didn’t have a smoke shop of any kind. Ribhy saw this demand and with his previous experience in retail, the odds of success were in his favor.

Since opening the doors in 2007, four other smoke shops have opened as well in Fairborn.

“We stand out because of our customer service, competitive prices and quality products. We work hard to establish good relationships with our customers and carry top of the line products at good prices,” explains Ribhy.

Ribhy has found that a big part of the shop’s success has come from the passion that they have for running the business.


“It’s a lot of fun to work here. It is exciting to be here and every day you learn something new. It’s fun to follow the trends of glass artists or new products. Everything about this industry is growing so fast. Every day and every month bring something new and exciting,” gushes Ribhy.

A&R1 Smoke Shop carries a lot of American made glass products.

“We work directly with the glass blowers. We find them at American glass shows and build relationships there. Each artists works differently with glass, and we are always interested in having a rich variety in the shop. So the shows like Champs are great places for us to meet the artists in person and learn about how they choose to work with the medium,” says the Ohio shop owner.


The shop advertises on the radio and in the local newspapers. A&R 1 also stays in touch with customers around the clock on Facebook and Instagram. They offer specials and showcase products. A new official website is now in the works.

However, the most important way the shop advertises is word of mouth.

“Customers are saying good things about us after stopping in. We take care of our customers and consider them friends,” says Ribhy.

In today’s world, the smoke industry changes quickly and frequently. As a shop owner, you need to work hard to keep up with trends, regulations and innovations.

“To stay in the top of the game, know what the market needs. This industry is always changing in big ways. You have to have knowledge to be relevant. Keep up to date with how things change and when new products are announced. Know your customer. Know the market. Know the products,” suggests Ribhy.

A&R 1 Smoke Shop places a heavy importance on quality. The quality of products as well as the quality of service in the shop is taken very seriously. The passion the shop staff has for making their store great is what has made them truly successful. They care deeply about their customers and relationship building, quality products at the right price, and staying up to date with the industry.
A&R 1 Smoke Shop works hard every day to be great.

“Our customers are the ones that keep our name out there. We work hard to form excellent relationships and in turn, that brings in new customers,” explains Ribhy.

So what’s new for A&R 1 Smoke Shop? More locations. The shop will be expanding over the next few years thanks to the success they’ve found from the beginning. SVBS[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]