Nearly ten years ago, Fatty’s Smoke Shop first opened its doors in Bryan, Texas. Since then, the store has expanded to four other locations within Texas: College Station, San Marcos, and two shops in Waco.

San Marcos Location

San Marcos Location

Started in 2006 by Jesse Singh, Fatty’s Smoke Shop was destined to be a success. Jesse was armed with the knowledge to run a business and the dream to be a business owner and his own boss. “Jesse was made for this business,” explains his sister and business partner Mandy Chahal.

“When it comes to customer service, my brother was simply made for it. Jesse is outgoing, knows a lot about the smoke shop industry, and made a good choice when he decided to just dive into it. He knew he had a lot to offer,” continues Mandy.

Fatty’s goal is to create a fun and comfortable atmosphere that welcomed anyone and everyone. The self-described “ambassadors of happiness” place such strong importance on customer service and relationship building that the business has flourished over the last nine years. Today, the Texas shops carry something for every budget but also have top end brands to please glass connoisseurs.

“Anyone can come in and get something nice. We tend to keep our prices to a point at which the average glass consumer can afford. We carry scientific glass and feature local artists.

You can see the featured artists, function videos, and shots of the store on the official Fatty’s Smoke Shop Instagram (@fattyssmokeshop) or by searching for them on Facebook. “Our go-to social media account is Instagram,” says Mandy. “Our page is representative of the culture we have here,” she explains. The store also uses social media to inform customers of sales, specials and raffles at each location.


“Our biggest breakthroughs have come from building good relationships along the way. Jesse established great relationships with our vendors and that really opened the doors for us to grow and expand,” says Mandy.

As the industry shifts and changes, the core of what and who Fatty’s Smoke Shop is has always remained. “Because normalization is taking hold and it’s no longer a strange thing to smoke out of a glass pipe for example, we have found that by staying true to who we are and who we have been from the beginning has ultimately led to an expansion of our customer base,” explains Mandy.

Fatty’s Smoke Shop knows how to treat their customers in a way that keeps them coming back. They’ve figured out how to create inviting atmosphere that makes everyone feel comfortable and that has been a key pillar in building a successful foundation for their business.

“Nowadays, smoke shops are seen as the new gold rush and if you’re in this industry to just make some money, you may struggle. You need to love what you do–people definitely feel it. When your customers come in it’s all about how to interact with them,” explains Mandy. “Calm, normal, to-the-point, and no hard sell.”

“In addition, we’ve hired employees that have become our family. It’s not work, it’s what we love to do. If you’re happy to be there and it’s not only about making a dollar, I feel like you’ll succeed,” she continues.

Fatty’s is a perfect example of how important customer service and truly caring about your customers can be. By striving every day to not only meet, but also exceed the needs of their customers, Fatty’s has been able to achieve success and continue to grow their client base with each day.

It’s clear to see that Fatty’s Smoke Shop will continue to be a success in the years to come. With the strong foundation Jesse built from the beginning, a staff that loves what they do, and just enough charm to wow new customers – Fatty’s has it truly figured out. SSA