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VAPOR Smoke Shop & Hookah Lounge of St Augustine Beach, Florida is the perfect blend of three businesses all in one. In addition to a full service vape & smoke shop, the space also provides a relaxing Hookah/Vape Lounge for it’s clientele. After getting into vaping about 5 years ago, the owner of VAPOR and resident of St. Augustine Beach, Chris Olearczyk decided to open up the very first shop of it’s kind in the Oldest City.


“Around the time I was thinking about opening up shop back in 2012, there weren’t any vape stores in the area. We live in such a beautiful and unique city that it really attracts all walks of life, young and old. With the vape scene just exploding all around us, and the paradigm shift in opinions of vaporizers and hookah culture alike, I really saw a need for something like this in the area,” explains Chris.


Wasting no time at all, Chris opened his shop later that year and set off the vapor boom in St. Augustine. Since the doors opened in July of 2012, the city is no longer vaporless. With new shops popping up each year, Chris and his staff keep the shop more than just relevant – it radiates success. With customer service and a unique crossover experience, quality and knowledge are the pillars of what makes VAPOR who they are today. When you have the VAPOR experience.. you don’t ever forget it.


“We are a one stop shop for like minded people. All in all we have pretty much everything anyone could ever need to vaporize or clean and consciously smoke the product of their choice. In the industry there is a clear dissent between vapor and smoke shops in general. We tend to be the “counter culture” if you will, not believing all the hype, but rather embracing variety and choice. We realize everyone has different wants and needs. We strategically blend both arenas because we know the customer comes first and foremost, and this really sets us apart from others in the area. Customers love the fact that we got it all!” says Chris.


The shop’s atmosphere is welcoming and the staff aims to make it feel quite like home. It’s a place to unwind, chill, and find the smoke, vapor and hookah products that you need. Customers can come in the store day or night and always know they will be treated like family.

“The crossover in our client base has really made the shop a success. With everything under one roof, our hookah customers, for example, may discover vape products that give them a healthier way to conduct their needs,” mentions Chris. “So not only does the shop draw in new customers every day, but it also generates new business with the regulars as well. This unique factor of the shop allows it to flourish and stand out amongst the local competition.”


When it comes to marketing, VAPOR is everywhere. The shop utilizes Facebook, radio ads, local ads and even direct mailing. However, the biggest form of advertisement for the St. Augustine Beach’s shop is word-of-mouth.

“We love our customers and treat them right. In turn, they tell everybody about us and that is really a great feeling,” says Chris.

VAPOR recently utilized a local podcast for marketing as well. A company called runs a podcast that features local and up and coming businesses and their owners; as well as events, music, and just about anything fun and exciting happening in the Oldest City. Their live video spotlight featured at the VAPOR Lounge will hit the net very soon. This gives customers an inside look at the businesses vibe as well as it’s elegant atmosphere. Look for this to drop online coming very soon!


“There is a ton of competition in the industry; and succeeding is all about knowledge of product, competitive pricing, but most importantly treating your customers right. You must have a satisfaction guarantee in today’s market. Here in the shop, we will sometimes spend over an hour with just one customer, explaining to them how the product works and reassuring them if they have any questions or concerns we will be there for them 100%. Customer service is monumental. There are a lot of shops out there that will sell you something and hope they don’t see you again. When you buy something from us we know you will be back.. just to see what we have NEW in stock. Customer feedback is a pivotal part of our establishment. Without it we couldn’t grow,” assures Chris.


When it comes to products in the shop – expect quality. Chris attributes much of his success to the wide range and also top quality of the products he insists on carrying. Take e-liquid for example. In addition to having a large variety of liquid options available in the shop, many of which are local, customers will know that the product and ingredients are the best quality and safe in all aspects. For this reason, Chris is very proud to carry Spectrum Vapor products in his store.


“We love our relationship with Spectrum Vapor for instance. These guys really are top notch, with some of the best flavors we’ve ever tasted. Not every vape shop is lucky enough to have an award winning e-liquid company right in their own backyard. People come from all over this great country, and world, to see our beautiful city and beaches; so picking up some outstanding, locally crafted e-liquid is just the icing on the cake. Our partnership definitely helps to define the “VAPOR experience” and assures making it a memorable one,” says Chris.


So what’s in the future for VAPOR Smoke Shop & Hookah Lounge? Most definitely an expanded vape experience of epic proportions. Chris plans to offer RDA builds and service, possible in-house ONLY e-liquid flavors, and working on a brand new TOP SECRET location coming very soon…


For more information on VAPOR Smoke Shop & Hookah Lounge, visit or find them on Facebook. SVBS