Founded in 2012, The Smoke Token is one of the largest smoke shops in the southeast today. With locations in Nashville and Murfreesboro, the Smoke Token supplies Middle Tennessee with tons of smoking essentials. The Tennessee shop offers huge selections of glass pipes, vaporizers, grinders, ecigs and eliquids, hookahs and shisha, fine cigars, and much more. The friendly and professional atmosphere combined with an incredibly knowledgeable team, makes the Smoke Token a go-to shop in Tennessee.

After saving for a few years and putting in the time to properly research and prepare, the owner and creator of The Smoke Token, Steve was finally able to open a brick and mortar location in Nashville. From there, the he put great care into selecting a top notch team and made sure each new employee that was hired brought something great to the table.

“Everyone here brings something truly unique to the business. Things like sales, social media management, and product knowledge – all the key ingredients for a successful business – our team has it,” explains Nick Snider, Manager at The Smoke Token.

With an amazing and knowledgeable team, it was only a matter of time before the Nashville shop was ready to expand. Within a few short months, The Smoke Token opened up its second location in Murfreesboro and then expanded its first location to almost three times the original size in order to offer more products and draw in new clients.

“With the expansion, we added an in house glass blower and an engraver. Our glass blower is on site every night after 7 o’clock and stays until close. Customers can come in and have custom work done. They can talk to him about design and pick out colors right here onsite. Our customers love the fact that they can build their own pipe in the shop – it’s something that really sets us apart from other shops in today’s industry,” explains Nick.

The Tennessee shop also has an engraver onsite as well allowing customers to customize anything metal.

“Our engraver has been engraving for almost seven years and his experience shows – he is great at what he does. Our customers can buy grinders, lighters, etc from our shop, then right away have it customized and personalized here. By having these custom touches in the shop, the whole experience becomes more personal for the people who shop here,” he continues.

People come to The Smoke Token time and time again because the atmosphere is comfortable and the staff are easy to talk to and very knowledgeable about their shop and the industry as a whole. While it is important for shops to be well versed on the products and services they directly offer, customer trust will greatly increase if the staff is also in tune with the latest industry news, regulations, and innovations.

“I love everything about working in this industry. The customer base is so relatable. Simply put, these are my people,” says Nick.

At The Smoke Token, the staff consists of a very tight knit group of individuals who care deeply about the people they serve and the industry they work in – which was key for the shop’s ability to grow and develop successfully. With how quickly this industry evolves, customers of the Tennessee shop have grown to appreciate that the team invests time in research and stays informed resulting in overall increased customer satisfaction.

“Our reputation is very important to us. We are always looking for ways to improve what we do and we work hard to make sure we make an honest connection with every person that walks through our doors. Everyone who works here, absolutely loves what they do. We love helping customers and educating people on the products, it’s our goal to make sure each customer walks out the door satisfied and hopefully that we see them again. We never drop the ball when it comes to customers and we are there for whatever they need,” he continues.

In addition to great customer service, the shop also stays open late to accommodate customers that may not be able to make it in until after work hours.

The Smoke Token has a large inventory and the prices are hard to beat. The team takes great care in researching and selecting what products to carry.

“We use Instagram to check for new products and we take a lot of feedback from our customers. Listening to what they want and what they are looking for has been a big part of building our inventory as well. When a bunch of customers are all looking for the same thing, we know it’s usually time to carry that in the store. We also know what are customers are looking for and what they need. Our customers are the reason we have been able to grow the business so successfully, taking time and listening to what they want is a no brainer,” explains Nick.

With great customer service and knowledgeable team, a wide selection of products at hard to beat prices, on site glass blowing and engraving, and a fair return/exchange policy, it’s is safe to say that The Smoke Token has found the recipe for success. Add in the fact that they are open late to accommodate additional customers and that customers can also shop online 24/7 at, it’s not hard to see why the shop became a fast favorite.

“This business is 99% hard work and 1% luck. We put in the time and effort to stand out among the rest – and that’s what makes The Smoke Token so great,” he adds. SVBS

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