Although they are now permanently located in Albuquerque New Mexico, Duke City Vapors once had a more nomadic lifestyle. Owned by Patricio and Melinda Mitchell, Duke City Vapors came to life when they both had success breaking free from cigarettes and wanted to share their new smoke-free lifestyle with others.

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“We had been long time smokers, and we wanted to help people before they got to that point,” begins Melinda.

Melinda and Patricio started out on the road in 2011. They sold vape kits to friends and family and delivered them personally. As word of their happy customers spread further and further, Patricio and Melinda were spending all of their time on the road to keep up with all of the business, so they decided to open up a physical vapor shop. This shop is known today as Duke City Vapors. The shop was opened a about a year after starting out on the road in 2012 and another location in Albuquerque followed shortly there after.

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“When we first bought a kit, it was really expensive. We wanted to not only help others, but also make it affordable so others could get their hands on them too. That’s how we got into the business,” explains Melinda.

“We really care about each and every customer that comes in the shop. We do our best to help the customers and find the product that is truly right for them,” she continues.

Duke City Vapors was one of the first vapor shops in New Mexico, but that is not the only reason they have been successful through the years. Since opening their doors, they have continued to grow and set themselves apart from their competition. Duke City Vapors offers a section of 1000+ e-juices that they personally make.

“We try to stay original. We come up with all kinds of flavors and work hard to bring new ones to our customers. This is a business that actually helps people each day, but its fun to be creative with the process too,” says Melinda.

As products are constantly changing, customers can stay up to date with Duke City Vapors and all of their flavors, products and specials on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and their website:

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“We offer products for pretty much anyone that walks in. Our shop offers a variety of displays and we have staff in stores and on the phone to help customers during the day. Our goal is to help people find a more healthy lifestyle and pair them with the product that is best for them,” explains Melinda.

In order to best serve their customers, Patricio and Melinda require a pretty rigorous training for all of their employees. They also require the employees to work in the store for a minimum of six months before they are allowed to mix any of the e-liquid. By putting in time and effort to make sure all members of the staff are knowledgeable and well-trained, Duke City Vapors can offer expert advise no matter who is working in the store and can ensure all customers are properly fitted with the kit that is right for them. All employees are put through a training period that teaches them about the products in the shop and new products are reviewed as a team as they arrive.

Duke City Vapors takes care of more than just their customers; they are actively a part of their community as well.

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“We get involved in quite a bit of stuff,” says Melinda. “We attend a lot of car shows and concerts in the area with our travel trailer, and participate in local charities as well,” she continues.

In addition to their personal experiences with how vapor an change your life, Melinda and Patricio strive everyday to learn more and more about the industry, their products and their customers. They take the time to make sure their service not only helps people, but also is of the highest quality.

Duke City Vapors brings an originally edge to the vape industry and continue to impress, and help, their customers everyday. They put in time and effort to make sure each an every experience in their shop is a great one, its no wonder they have been successful. When you love what you do, have first hand knowledge on the industry, care about each face that walks in the door and find time to mix up 1000+ unique e-juice flavors; it’s hard to fail. It’s clear Duke City Vapors will continue their success for years to come. SVBS
For more information on Duke City Vapors visit or call (505) 331-1059.