Forest And Hills

Just a few years ago, when Miss Willies shop owner Wilma Reynolds became a medical marijuana patient after a sudden injury, her eyes were opened to the smoke and vapor shop industry. It’s been three years since Wilma and her husband Billy opened the doors to Miss Willies “A Kush Place to be,” in La Grande, Oregon and since then they have done nothing but grow.

“After I became a medical marijuana patient, this industry became something that my husband and I truly believed in,” explains Wilma. With that in mind, they knew opening a glass store was their next move. After establishing that location, Wilma and her husband noticed an immense increase in the popularity of vapor and decided to open a vapor shop as well. With that, Miss Willies Vape “A Fumi Xperience,” was born.

Billy, Robby, Miss Willie, Manager Cathy & Tony (not pictured Heidi)

Billy, Robby, Miss Willie, Manager Cathy & Tony (not pictured Heidi)

Being flexible with inventory and products has helped Miss Willies remain successful. Wilma and her staff truly care about the customers they serve and for that reason, in the few short months since they’ve opened the vapor location, they’ve already made some changes to better suit the needs of the area and found a definite increase in the shop’s popularity.

Wilma makes it easy for her customers to keep up with what is going on in her shops with radio advertisements as well social media accounts. Customers can keep up to date with all that is happening at both Miss Willies locations through Instagram (@misswilliesakushplacetobe) or by searching for Miss Willies on Facebook. The shop also uses their Facebook page to inform customers of upcoming events and specials. These events included music from local bands, games, and prizes and are a great way for Wilma and the staff to get to know their customers as well as the community on the weekends.

“We just love our customers!” exclaims Wilma. It’s going above and beyond what is expected of a shop owner that keeps both Miss Willies locations popular.

Miss Willies Vape has done exceptionally well considering it has only been open for a few months. Wilma attributes this success to maintaining a high standard with the products they choose to carry, establishing a solid relationship with her vendors, and placing a heavy importance on customer service and customer appreciation events.

“We work very hard at Miss Willies. We offer great service and we carry great products,” says Wilma. Her customers are people she sees out everyday – not just in the shop, and maintaining these relationships is very important to her and the crew at Miss Willies.

“My customers are people I see in Walmart, or at basketball games in town. I want to make sure that I carry the best products for the people of my community. We treat our customers with the respect we would expect for ourselves,” explains Wilma.

Wilma and her husband are very hands on as shop owners and work the shop all week long. They uphold strong, healthy relationships with their employees and strive to creative a positive comfortable atmosphere for their customers.


“We absolutely love our jobs,” Wilma gushes about being a shop owner in the industry. “We wake up every morning and are so excited to go to work,” she continues.

In the end, it is easy to see that Miss Willies has found the recipes for success. They rely heavily on quality customer service and carry quality products. They love what they do and are excited to be there every day. Wilma and her crew create a store atmosphere that is comfortable and inviting – it’s truly “a Kush Place to be.” SSA