Razor Vapes store owners, Rob and Tammy Smith, had been long involved in the vape industry before opening their line of vape shops. A few years ago, Rob was working with a lot of people who were getting into vaping and decided to further educate himself and his wife Tammy – a long time smoker. He asked her to try the smoking alternative, and even though she was reluctant at first, Tammy eventually tried it.

“We were shopping at a mall somewhere and we came across a little vape kiosk, and Rob told me to just give it a try. And I laughed actually, because I thought it was funny how close it felt to smoking a cigarette,” explains Tammy.

Tammy left the kiosk with a vape kit, minimal instructions, and an ejuice that was far from grade A.

“I went home. Used it for two weeks. It wasn’t working. I was frustrated and I was angry, I threw it down and went back to smoking,” says Tammy.

Shortly after Tammy’s disappointing trial run at vaping, Rob began to discuss with some friends about how it didn’t work and they suggested going to an actual vape shop.

“They were convinced that I didn’t get the right
nicotine level, which as it turns out, I didn’t,” Tammy explained.

That same weekend Tammy and Rob headed to a real vape shop, tried some flavors, found the perfect nicotine level for Tammy, and most importantly, educated themselves on everything vape had to offer.

“Once I found the right combination,” explains Tammy, “vaping really started to be successful for me. From there Rob and I became friends with some people who ran a vape store and owned a wholesale company. Now that we knew vaping really worked, we became very interested in getting involved in the industry. We wanted to help people learn about this alternative.”

Tammy and Rob had the perfect opportunity in front of them and they took the chance. They knew the area didn’t have a vape foundation built on education; they knew they could change that.

“We not only knew we could provide the service, but we knew we could improve the way it was done. We knew we could teach people a successful way to do things to keep them from getting frustrated like I initially was,” she continues.

Armed with the passion to help their community, personal vape experience, and the drive to properly educate vapers, Tammy and Rob opened the doors to Razor Vapes in 2013. Now with four locations in North Little Rock, Little Rock, and Jonesboro Arkansas, as well as Foley, Alabama, Razor Vapes has really taken off.

All the employees of the Razor Vapes locations started out as customers of Rob and Tammy, so clients can know that the staff is not only extremely educated in the field but also each have personal experience in the industry.

“Everyone that we’ve hired we’ve known for several months and we’ve become good friends with,” mentions Tammy.

A welcoming store atmosphere is an important factor in the success Razor Vapes has found.

“It’s kind of like you’re walking into a fairly nice jewelry store,” says Tammy, “All of our locations are really welcoming and clean. We’ve got a lounge area with TVs as well. We’ve found that every store we open draws in regular customers that come to hang out and shop.”

In addition to weekly or monthly specials, Razor Vapes also offers Vape Meets in partner with another local shop every other month at their Foley location. More about the meets and specials can be found at razor-vapes.com, where links to each store’s Facebook page are listed. Their specials and frequent contests are listed on their Facebook pages.

Razor Vapes staff pride themselves on maintaining exceptional customer service and attribute that as the biggest factor to their success.

If you find that you and your vape shop are struggling to find real success Tammy suggests further educating yourself in the industry.

“I know that most of the time when shops are struggling, it’s simply because they haven’t put ample time in to truly learn the industry,” says Tammy.

“We were one of the first vape shops to open here in the North Little Rock/Little Rock area. And success with our unique business model has enabled us to have fairly rapid growth. We’ve seen other vape stores open and close in the same year. Unfortunately, some of those stores didn’t educate themselves enough before opening. We have customers that come to us and have trouble with products they bought at gas stations and kiosks, because they didn’t get any correct instruction or the products were low quality. Usually we find they just need some trouble shooting tips and someone to answer questions,” she continues.

When it comes to service, customers of Razor Vapes can know they are in the best hands. The Arkansas vape shops stay active in the community and have even organized local fundraisers. One of which was for a customer who needed an open-heart surgery. A raffle was blended in to a store anniversary celebration and the proceeds were donated to her hospital fund.

Fueled by their passion for the industry, personal experience, and the knowledge to educate customers properly, it’s no surprise that Rob and Tammy have found, and will continue to find, success with Razor Vapes. SSA