Steam Haus Vapes started out as just an idea amongst three friends who were passionate about vaping and how it had affected their lives.


“We were discussing the possibility of putting together an art show at my friend’s gallery and the conversation eventually evolved into us discussing vapes,” starts out Anthony Rose, Owner and CEO of the Texas vape shop.

“Mohammed (Partner/COO), Tres (Owner/CFO) and I had all vaped ourselves, and had been for over a year. During the discussion we started talking about how it affected our lives and how it benefited us,” he continues.


After leaving the gallery that day, Anthony found his phone ringing and his friend calling him back in. So he headed back in and sat down to further discuss the idea they had come up with.

“Five minutes into getting back to the gallery we discussed setting up a vape shop together,” says Anthony.
And with that, the idea to open a vape shop together was born.

“Mohammad and I are childhood friends. We started smoking around the same time, maybe 16 or 17, just getting a cigarette here or there or wherever we could find them. That then evolved into us each smoking nearly a pack a day before we tried vaping. Tres had smoked for a long time as well, in order to relieve some stress. Ironically, we didn’t start vaping together, but we did all switch to vape around the same time. It was a big change for each of us,” explains Anthony.


The guys of Steam Haus Vapes wanted to turn their passion for vaping into something that could help others as much as it did them.

At first the plans for the shop were just to have a brick and mortar type set up, but it quickly blossomed into so much more. Anthony, Mohammad, and Tres all come from artistic backgrounds, so they decided to design and set up the space themselves. With Anthony’s background in visual arts and graphic design, Mohammad’s experience as a metal artist and welder, and Tres’ woodworking skills – the outcome of the shop was truly unique.


“When we got started on the design, we really focused on up cycling. It was important to us because, in a sense, we kind of see the same thing with vaporizers. We’re throwing out the need for the processed paper for cigarettes that never degrade, and we wanted to mimic that idea with the shop,” says Anthony. “We also wanted the shop to feel comfortable for everyone who came in, so we worked really hard to make that happen,” he continues.

In addition to putting in a lot of time with the architecture and layout, Anthony and his partners also wanted the shop to be even more unique. They decided to offer coffee in the shop as well.

“Prior to opening the vape shop, about six years ago we had started a coffee truck with our own roasted coffee and we would travel around the area and do stuff downtown. That was pretty much our daily grind (pun intended) for a while,” mentions Anthony.


After a few months with the truck, the guys were approached by an owner of some space downtown who was looking for a non-chain, family owned business to rent space from him. They decided to take him up on the offer and open a permanent location there. Three months after that, the coffee shop evolved into a bistro and even featured a popular chef.

“We had been involved with coffee for a while and because of that, and the fact that there was a demand for a good coffee spot in the area, we decided to take a twist on a regular vape shop and incorporate a full espresso coffee bar,” says Anthony.


Whether you’re looking for a great cup of coffee or a new flavor of ejuice, Steam Haus Vapes has what you need.

“In addition to the vapor aspect, we take coffee very seriously. We want people to come in our doors for both. The issue that we had with that from the beginning was getting people who didn’t know about vapes, but loved coffee in the door. The coffee lovers were a bit intimidated by the fact that we sold vapor products and didn’t want to visit because of that. We wanted to make them feel comfortable and do whatever we could to bring them in to show them we were more than a standard vape shop,” explains Anthony.


Steam Haus Vapes didn’t let this bump in the road push them off track.

“Although we are in a business neighborhood, it’s still residential all around us. It was really tough to get people in just for coffee, but we started putting together campaigns. We did radio ads and offered free coffee in the morning for people passing by on their way to work, but most importantly we ended up catching the attention of the Homeowners Association in the area,” continues Anthony.

Once the Homeowners Association had a chance to come into the shop, they were blown away. They loved everything that Anthony, Mohammad and Tres had done. From the coffee to the design of the shop, they were excited to have Steam Haus Vapes in their neighborhood.

“The Homeowners Association started spreading the word and that really opened the doors for us. It also helped us pull in crowds that were older who had never heard of vapes who probably would have never thought twice about stopping in,” recalls Anthony.


Steam Haus Vapes offers specials and events on occasion to show off new products and get the chance to spend time talking with customers.

“For our grand opening we did an event that happened to land on the same weekend of a big vape convention here in town. We teamed up with other local vape shops in town and came up with enough cash for $1000 grand prize for a cloud competition. We even had over 150 people show up which was crazy. I couldn’t have even imagined something that big for our first day. We had people that are deep in the vape industry that were at the vape event heard about us, and they all came out. All the juice companies that were out at the expo in town came out to see us and brought their employees because everyone wanted a chance to win the $1000,” explains Anthony.

The Texas vape shop is planning the same thing again this year for their one-year anniversary, which again falls on the same weekend as the vapor expo in town. This time they are planning some music headliners, more cloud competitions, giveaways, all the brands carried in the shop will also be doing releases at the anniversary. Steam Haus Vapes is expecting a crowd from 300-500 people this time around.

According to Anthony: “One of the biggest factors that has attributed to our success is building relationships with customers. It’s very important that you spend time getting to know the people that walk in your doors. Most of the time that’s what they are coming into your store for. They are coming in for your expertise. Sure they come in because they want to see and possibly buy something that day, but customers also want a connection and to meet people. I know when I go somewhere, I always feel a million times better when someone remembers me, and that’s what we strive to do here,” he says.

“Our customers are friends of ours now,” says Anthony. That statement in itself proves how much the staff of Steam Haus Vapes truly cares about what they do.

By creating an atmosphere and experience that is truly unique and striving everyday to share their passion for vape with the world, Steam Haus Vapes has truly found the path to success and will very clearly continue to do so.

More information can be found on the Steam Haus Vapes website:, or by searching for Steam Haus Vapes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope and Pinterest.