At White Horse Vapor, they know just how difficult the journey from smoke to vapor can be. Over the years, the shop has been walking customers through this process with a primary goal of providing the absolute best vaping experience. It doesn’t matter which location you visit; your experience will be the same. You will be treated with the upmost respect while shopping for quality products at fair prices.

“When we first started about six years ago, we were hand injecting disposable ecigarettes in our local neighborhood. We were then wholesaling them to local convenience and liquor stores – even a few bars and night clubs,” begins Dino Baccari, President and Owner of White Horse Vapor. “Once we got our hands on the products we fell in love and it became a labor of love,” he continues.

From there, the small neighborhood business really began to take off. Soon the products were on the shelves of 7/11 and major liquor stores throughout the state of Rhode Island. Dino’s passion for the industry continued to grow each day. As he saw more and more of his customers choose to make the switch from smoke to vapor without looking back, he was motivated to open a retail location.

“Today we have three stores of our own corporately here in Rhode Island, where we call the shots and make all the decisions. We also started a franchise model a few years ago that allowed White Horse Vapor locations to be run independently in Texas, Ohio, and Colorado,” explains Dino.

The most important thing that the shop offers goes far beyond just making the sale. The team loves to support customers on their journey to become smoke-free, whether that is a check-in over the phone, email updates, or during a visit. Customers love WHV for the quality products, knowledgeable staff, and overall comfortable atmosphere.

“The buying experience for our customers is what makes us really stand out from other shops as well as the quality of our own line of juice. Our juice line has put us on the map and made us very well known to a large array of customers. We have used only the best ingredients since day one and that’s not always the case in this industry. We put our customers first and constantly deliver a consistent experience,” says Dino.

In an industry this competitive, standing out amongst other vapor shops requires close attention to detail. As Dino always says, “detail rhymes with retail for a reason.” White Horse Vapor makes sure the atmosphere of each location is fresh and inviting as soon as customers walk through the doors.

“We like to maintain an energetic atmosphere here at White Horse Vapor. We want our customers to instantly feel comfortable. Our staff is always approachable, friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to help in any way they can,” he explains.

In order to have a team that shines above the rest, all staff members are required to complete a cycle of responsibilities similarly to how a restaurant trains employees by starting them as hosts, then servers, then bartenders, etc.

“Anytime someone applies for a job with us, whether that is for a sales associate position or a manger position, all employees will have to start with the basics. This means helping with the products we produce, restocking shelves, and cleaning the shop. Implementing this model has allowed for our team members to get a very well-rounded understanding of our products and how the shop is expected to be run,” says Dino.

White horses have always been a symbol of strength and the balance between wisdom and power. So, it is truly the perfect fit for a business that has maintained a strong presence in the market. Horses in general are also universal symbols of freedom without restraint, because riding a horse makes people feel they could free themselves from their own bindings. That is just what White Horse Vapor does on a daily basis – free people from their bind to traditional cigarettes. Additionally, the name also has a more light-hearted meaning behind it as well.

“When we first started, we had these light up displays in nightclubs that said White Horse, and they really stood out in the dark clubs. And to be honest the displays kind of reminded me of bright white lines of cocaine in the club, so the White Horse name was fitting from the beginning,” laughs Dino. “The club is where it all began, and the name is rooted in that. When we first started, we didn’t ever even want to go into retail, we just wanted to be in nightclubs and be a nightlife brand. But as our brand grew and we evolved, the White Horse name still worked,” he continues.

Looking forward to the future, Dino is excited to grow the business, meet new customers, and convert every JUUL user out there to a White Horse Vapor customer. SVBS