Located in Atlanta, Wyzo’s Tobacco and Accessories has continued to impress customers since the very first day the shop opened its doors for business. The Georgia shop offers an extensive selection of vape products and smoke supplies. From water pipes and bubblers to grinders, hookah, kratom and rolling papers the shop’s wide range of products has something for everybody and every budget. Wyzo’s also carries a variety of select e-juices in various nicotine levels and flavors, featuring their own Wyzo’s brand, which has become a best seller. If they don’t have what you are looking for, they will do everything they can to help you find it or get it in the shop.

“It all started a few years ago when I had several ideas floating around in my head for businesses I wanted to start. I was doing some research and watching businesses – similar to my ideas – open and then fail shortly thereafter,” begins Leonard Rodda, Owner of Wyzo’s Tobacco and Accessories. “Then one day a friend of mine suggested I open a smoke shop, and that really peaked my interest. I could not be happier that was the route I chose to invest in, he continues.

Wyzo’s first opened in a small location in town with low foot traffic. So, after three years, when Leonard noticed a new space that opened on the main drag, he moved Wyzo’s to a new location – where it still is today.

“Our current location is close to my home and makes it easy for me to walk into work and be there quickly if I need to be,” mentions Leonard.

The Atlanta smoke shop has a great vibe and the long list of positive online reviews reflect that feeling. In addition to the cool atmosphere of the shop, extensive collection of products at great prices, and nice location in the city, Wyzo’s is known first and foremost for their service.

“I have a woman who works for me her name is Keyan Hawkins, and she is absolutely great with the customers. She has an amazing personality and she really knows her stuff. She is constantly mentioned by name in our online reviews for her knowledge and kindness when working with customers. I am really proud to have someone like her representing my shop. My team is what makes us who we are, and the shop would not be what it is today without them,” says Leonard.

Since joining the industry, Leonard had really enjoyed his time working with customers and learning about all the products on the market.

“Meeting customers and forming lasting relationships is honestly the best part about owning a smoke shop. I’ve learned a lot over the years about this industry, but the relationships with my customers allow me to continue to improve the shop year after year. I take the time to listen to what they need which they really appreciate, and it teaches me a lot about the industry and ways I can better serve them,” explains Leonard.

Top sellers at Wyzo’s in recent years include kratom and CBD products. Leonard pays close attention to changes in the industry and makes sure to stock items his customers want. Playing a very active role as an owner and listening to customers wants and needs has kept the shop a favorite in the Atlanta area. In an industry that is ever-changing and sees new products coming and going at a rapid pace, Wyzo’s continues to stay ahead of the curve and stock and large collection of relevant products year after year. Leonard’s carefully curated inventory gives the shop a leg up on the competition in the area. Products are tried by Leonard and his team before making it to shelves which ensures customers are going to get products worth buying.

“I originally planned on continuing to work my day job in addition to the shop, but after being let go, I now work at the shop full time. It was quite unexpected, but I love working at the shop. It’s something I am really proud of and a place I thoroughly enjoy going each day. Many of my customers know my name and I know theirs – we have a really good family vibe here – I can’t imagine doing anything else,” he mentions.

While Wyzo’s offers great pricing on all of their products they also offer stamp cards and loyalty programs to keep customers coming back for all their smoking needs.

“We offer a stamp card and a 5-star loyalty program. I fully believe in giving back to my customers and that is why we also offer these additional discounts. Without my customers, I would not be in business. The stamp card and loyalty program are just simple ways of saying thank you for their business,” explains Leonard.

Looking forward to the future, Leonard is excited to continue to grow his business, meet new customers, and learn about new products.

“I am always trying to find new products and locate products customers request. Our product lineup is ever-changing based on our customer’s wants and needs. We keep a notepad next to the register and take notes on what customers are looking for if they cannot find it in the shop. Then at the end of the day, I go home and look into getting these products on our shelves. Our customers drive what we carry and usually if one person is looking for a certain product and we do get it in the shop, it sells well with other customers too,” adds Leonard.

Wyzo’s Tobacco and Accessories has found a proven recipe for success. By listening to customers, maintaining a cool atmosphere, and offering great products at fair prices, Leonard and his passionate team continue to be a top choice for smokers and vapers in the Atlanta area. Customers come in to shop but stay for the conversation and information offered by the team. With such a great group of people running the shop, it is no surprise that Wyzo’s has been successful. By putting the customers first and taking quality seriously, it is safe to say that Wyzo’s will have a long life in Atlanta and continue to be a model for other smoke shops to follow. SVBS